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In olden days at least highway men wore masks

IN THE past, highwaymen used to rob the rich but made sure that their faces were covered.  In the case of Cyprus, Germany and the troika, presided over a robbery of billions of euros from private savers in order to save the euro for the umpteenth time.  

The deal offered to Cyprus is in fact a nasty and immoral political act, and the only thing it has achieved, besides bankrupting Cyprus, was to strike fear into the rest of the European countries because it established a precedent.  

After all if European Common Market Nations are willing to save their currency by committing such acts, why not repeat it next time, and for the same reason, in Spain, Italy and Greece? 

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Drive-thru, smash and grab

THIEVES who robbed a jewellery shop in Lakatamia in the early hours of yesterday did not even go to the bother of breaking in… they just drove a stolen car through the front of the shop. According to police, the robbery took place at around 3am when the car went smashing through the shop front. The alarm went off and the owner was alerted that the security system had been violated. The thieves had by then grabbed up all of the jewellery they could find and fled on foot, leaving the car behind, eyewitnesses told police. The value of the stolen goods was being estimated yesterday.

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