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FOREIGN ministry staff gave €10,000 to the chairmen of the parent and guardian associations of five primary schools in Nicosia to cover the cost of food for needy children and their families.

Each school was given €2,100. The money was distributed to elementary schools in Ayios Dhomentios, Strovolos, Lakatamia, and Kaimakli. 

“Members of the ministry could not remain apathetic to the problems that a vast amount of families are facing in Cyprus today. Many of these families have children in primary school and many of them are living below the level of poverty,” a statement said. 

The parent and guardian associations and the school’s headmasters thanked the ministry staff.

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Hospice in search of fundraising manager

A FULL TIME fundraising manager is urgently required to facilitate the opening of a new hospice due to open in Paphos.

The hospice in Mesa Chorio in Paphos is all but completed and will open its doors soon after a suitable fundraising manger is found. Currently, the only functioning hospice in the coastal town is the Paphos Friends Hospice, which is situated in a dedicated wing of the Evangelismos hospital.

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Former CB governor threatens legal action

FORMER Central Bank chief Athanasios Orphanides has rubbished allegations that he is withholding data and documents that are the property of the regulator.

In a written statement yesterday, released by his lawyers here – Orphanides is currently in the United States – the former CB governor sought to “set the record straight”, also threatening legal action against the bank.

Hitting back, Orphanides accused the CB administration of locking him out of his personal workplace email, which he continued using after having left the CB, and warned of “possible judicial action unless corrective action is taken.”

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Jobless rate climbs to 10.9 per cent in July

UNEMPLOYMENT in Cyprus climbed to 10.9 per cent in July, representing the third highest year-on-year rise in the European Union, it was announced yesterday.

According to the EU’s statistical service, Eurostat, Cyprus was behind Spain and Greece, having seen its jobless rate rise from 7.7 per cent in July 2011 to 10.9 per cent this year.

The euro area (EA17) seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 11.3 per cent in July 2012, stable compared with June. 

It was 10.1 per cent in July 2011. The EU27 unemployment rate was 10.4 per cent in July 2012, also stable compared with the previous month.

It was 9.6 per cent the previous year.

Eurostat estimates that 25.3 million men and women were unemployed in the EU27 — of whom 18 million in the euro area.

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Famous oceanographer comes to explore sea mountain

THE AMERICAN exploration vessel Nautilus has arrived on the island as part of an expedition to explore the Eratosthenes seamount, off the island’s south-western coast.

On board the Nautilus, anchored off the coast of Paphos, is oceanographer Robert Ballard, and a team of geologists, marine biologists and oceanologists.

Ballard is known for the discoveries of the wrecks of RMS Titanic in 1985 and Nazi battleship Bismarck in 1989 but there are also other notable discoveries.

“I am very lucky, I have made many discoveries – 70 in total,” he said. “I am more known for the discovery of the Titanic but I don’t think this was my most important discovery.”

Ballard said his most important find were the hydrothermal vents on which microorganisms were created.

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Football fans’ cars parked on highway

The police last night remained true to their word and booked football fans who illegally parked on the GSP Stadium’s roundabout, to attend the Coca Cola Cup final between champions AEL Limassol and AC Omonia.

The last time a big match was played there – between APOEL FC and Real Madrid to qualify for the Champions League semi-finals in March – hundreds of cars parked along the length of the highway, even creating two lines of parked cars around the GSP roundabout. There were cars parked all the way down from the Stadium almost to the Lidl Supermarket in Latsia. The dangers posed to oncoming drivers urged the police to take measures.

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‘Public service need more staff’

THE GOVERNMENT is asking legislators to loosen the leash on new hiring in the public sector, citing concerns that key positions in public administration may remain vacant.

The Personnel and Public Administration Department asked the House Finance Committee yesterday for exemptions to a hiring freeze on new appointments. The state says it needs to hire some 650 people.

The department’s director Kypros Kyprianou told lawmakers that the requested hiring concerned 19 agencies and departments. These include: the military, the Department of Civil Aviation, social welfare services, teachers, the Forestry Department, the Department of Statistics, public schools, and the Department of Antiquities.

The Health Ministry alone needs to fill 305 positions, Kyprianou said

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Am I an illegal alien?

A LARGE proportion of the more than 112,000 non-Cypriot EU nationals now living in Cyprus – a whopping 13 per cent of the population – have just two questions to ask Eleni Mavrou, the new minister of the interior. 

“Am I an illegal alien? And if I am, can you please make sure ALL your immigration officials know what I’m supposed to do about it?”

The questions shouldn’t make sense. After all, shouldn’t you know whether or not you are illegally residing in a country?

And yet people who have married Cypriots and have had families here, who have lived and worked on the island for years, often for decades, people who have made Cyprus their homes, no longer seem to know for sure whether or not they are breaking the law by residing on the island. 

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Houses continue to slip in Armou

THE PROMISE of help from the Paphos District office has been welcomed by residents of a stricken development in Armou, but it has come too late for one couple who have already decided to move back to the UK.

Six houses which make up a recently built development in the picturesque village have continued to move down the hillside.

The estate is in imminent danger of collapse after it was constructed on land locals had long been warned was unsafe.

The home owners’ plight was highlighted in last weeks Sunday Mail, and just one week on, one of the access roads to the estate has dropped a further 7cm.

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Jewellery stolen

THIEVES made away with over €15,000 worth of jewellery, after breaking into the home of a 57-year-old woman in Limassol on Sunday.

Another €5,000 worth of jewellery was stolen from a Larnaca resident’s home on Sunday evening. 

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