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Obama rolls to re-election over Mitt Romney

President Barack Obama rolled to re-election and a second term in the White House on Tuesday with a victory over Republican challenger Mitt Romney as the Democrat overcame deep doubts about his handling of the U.S. economy.

Romney, closeted with advisers in Boston, did not immediately concede defeat because of questions about whether Obama had really won the pivotal state of Ohio. But other projected Obama victories in Virginia, Nevada, Iowa and Colorado carried the president past the 270 electoral votes needed for victory.

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Briton and Cypriot jailed for drugs operation

LARNACA Criminal Court found two men guilty yesterday of conspiracy to commit a felony by importing large quantities of drugs and supplying narcotics. 

Briton Gareth Norster, 30, was sentenced to 11 years and Stefanos Mendonis, 34, to three and a half years imprisonment.

Both men, from Larnaca, were involved in a drug smuggling case, along with two others, last September in Aradippou whereby six and a half kilos of cannabis, half a kilo of cannabis resin and some ecstasy pills were found stored in three oxygen cylinders.

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First weekend-long hackathon in Cyprus

AS PART of a wider effort to spur innovation, creativity and technological entrepreneurship on the island, today, three young Cypriot software engineers are launching the first ever hackathon weekend in Cyprus. With over 80 people already registered, the 32-hour event in Limassol aims to showcase a new wave of technological collaboration and inspiration.

For most people, hacking is a scary word – it has been synonymous with security breaching, fraudulent interventions and identity theft.

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Multiple road projects escape the axe

MAJOR ROAD transport projects worth hundreds of millions of euro are going ahead as normal despite the economic crisis, according to the acting head of the Road Transport Department.

In an interview with the Cyprus News Agency yesterday, Chrystalla Malouppa said works like the Limassol-Saittas highway, the Larnaca marina and port and Limassol’s connecting road between the highway and its port, were going ahead as planned.

Within this framework, Malouppa said construction of the Limassol-Saittas road was being promoted. The €150 million road is expected to be 22.5 km long, with four lanes and a barrier in-between. “The surveys will be complete within 2013 and the Land Registry Department will then start the expropriations procedures.”

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€1m worth of watches stolen in daylight robbery

THIEVES pulled off a daylight robbery in Limassol yesterday, lifting wristwatches worth some €1 million from a shop that was closed for the holidays.

The brazen heist took place on Makarios Avenue around 3pm, police said. They were alerted to the break-in by a private security firm.

To cover their tracks, the perpetrators covered the storefront with a fabric of the same colour as the shop’s sign, allowing them to steal the goods incognito. They were assisted by the fact the streets were practically deserted at the time.

The stolen watches are insured. Limassol CID is investigating.

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Attack on Russian tourists

POLICE are investigating an attack on two Russian tourists, both 21, during the early hours of yesterday in Ayia Napa.

According to police, the two women caught what they believed to be a taxi – in which there were two men – outside their hotel and asked to be taken to the centre of Ayia Napa. However they realised that the taxi was heading towards Paralimni and asked to be let out, which they were.

One of the men then got out of the taxi and started following them. He then started touching one of the women and lifting up her skirt. When she resisted he lashed out and punched her in the face.

She was taken to a private hospital in the area where she is being kept as a precaution.

The second woman was not harmed.


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'Bulk of provident funds are in good shape'


AROUND 15 pension and provident funds may be facing liquidity problems but most have no short term funding problems, the head of the supervising authority for pension and provident funds Theophanis Tryfonos said yesterday.

Tryfonos has asked the various funds for data on high risk securities’ investments.

He said he had been looking at the ability of semi-governmental bodies’ and local authorities to cope with liquidity demands in the short term.

“Unfortunately there is no regulation provided for funds with 100 or fewer members,” Tryfonos said referring to a different legal status between small and large funds. 

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Murder suspects to be handed over

GREEK authorities will be handing over next week the two men wanted in connection with the shooting of five people in Ayia Napa on June 23.

Police spokesman Andreas Angelides said yesterday that Cypriot authorities would go to Athens to collect two Greek Pontian men, aged 29 and 41, who were allegedly identified from closed circuit TV footage obtained from clubs in the area of the shooting. 

Police said they had also identified one of the men by using a DNA sample from a cap which fell off when the shooter fled the scene. 

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Heat warning

THE LABOUR inspection department warned employees yesterday that workers in the Nicosia and Paphos areas should not be exposed to the sun between 12 and 4pm due to the heat and humidity.

They said that workers can carry out light tasks in the shade as long as they had plenty of water.

In addition, even though employees in Limassol, Larnaca and Famagusta do not necessarily have to stop work they should still take measures to protect themselves from the harmful rays of the sun.

Temperatures today will be 38C inland, between 33 and 38C on the coast and 24C in the mountains. Humidity is high reaching 40 per cent in Nicosia, 70 per cent on the coast and 55 per cent in the mountains.

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EIB bolsters key investments in Cyprus

THE EUROPEAN Investment Bank (EIB) yesterday signed two loans for up to €268 million for key investments in Cyprus, including solid waste management, port infrastructure and renewable energy.

The loan agreements were signed in Luxemburg by EIB Vice President Plutarchos Sakellaris – who is responsible for operations in Cyprus – and Kyriacos Kakouris, the Finance Ministry’s senior economic officer.

According to the EIB announcement, €200 million will provide support for implementation of the Cypriot National Strategic Reference Framework. 

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