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Security beefed up after witness goes walkabout

THE MAIN prosecution witness in the Andis Hadjicostis murder trial, who is being held in protective custody has been sneaking out from the house where he is staying, police spokesman Andreas Angelides confirmed yesterday.

“We were given some information [about this] in the past and someone was invited to testify about it in court, but he never appeared so the matter didn’t go any further,” said Angelides.

Protected witness Fanos Hadjigeorgiou’s escapades were reported by daily Politis yesterday.

Citing “well placed sources”, Politis said Hadjigeorgiou managed to sneak out twice. On the first occasion he was spotted, and members of Nicosia CID managed to locate him and take him back. The second time he is said to have made his own way back.

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Speedier visas for Ukrainians in the offing


THE FOREIGN ministry is looking to make visa procedures for Ukrainians easier, in a move that should foster tourism and business for Cyprus.

The ministry has taken steps to enable residents of Ukraine to do online visa applications so they can be processed in a matter of days.

Daily newspaper Politis leaked this week a letter dated June 8 from the foreign ministry’s permanent secretary Petros Eftychiou saying that the foreign ministry and commerce ministry decided to change the visa procedure (which has not been changed yet), and asking the interior ministry to forward a request to Cabinet. The migration department falls under the jurisdiction of the interior ministry.

Cyprus and Ukraine have a solid and growing financial relationship.

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Nicosia submits European capital bid

NICOSIA MAYOR Constantinos Yiorkadjis yesterday submitted Nicosia’s proposal to be the European Capital of Culture in 2017 by taking a unique route through the capital in specially decorated buses.

Yiorkadjis departed yesterday morning from the Home for Cooperation in the heart of the buffer zone with buses emblazed with the official logo ‘Get in the Zone’ to submit the proposal a day before the deadline.

The Nicosia delegation took a symbolic route through areas of the capital earmarked in the proposal for upgrades and regeneration. The last stop of the one-hour journey was the Ministry of Culture and Education where the proposal was submitted to the ministry’s permanent secretary Olympia Stylianou.

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Orphanides to be summoned to parliament to 'explain himself'

LAWMAKERS yesterday decided to summon former Central Bank governor Athanasios Orphanides to appear before parliament to explain accusations he made against President Demetris Christofias that he did nothing, when he could have, to prevent banks from incurring billions in damages from a Greek debt write-down.

House Finance Committee chairman Nicolas Papadopoulos said Orphanides would be summoned after June 30, the deadline set by EU regulators for banks to boost their capital.

Papadopoulos said the committee had no objection if the government did not want to be represented at the meeting.

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François Hollande meets the world

WHEN François Hollande, fresh from his election as France’s next president, was asked by a journalist which language he would use when he meets US President Barack Obama for the first time, his answer was revealing. “I speak English more fluently than the former president,” the Socialist leader insisted, referring to the outgoing Nicolas Sarkozy. “But a French president must speak French!”

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Long waiting lists continue to plague hospitals

PATIENTS continue to be plagued by long waiting lists of over a year but state hospital patients are more aware of their rights than private hospital patients, according to the Health Ministry’s permanent secretary, Dionysis Mavronicolas.

“Every Cypriot citizen has a right to know and claim their rights as a patient,” said Mavronicolas yesterday, speaking at a news conference to mark European Patients’ Rights Day.

According to Mavronicolas, a law which defines the legal rights of patients has existed since 2005 and under this law the ministry plans to proceed on checks at private hospitals, as patient rights are almost non-existent there.

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Eroglu’s ‘plea’ for last ditch conference

TURKISH CYPRIOT leader Dervis Eroglu has made a “last plea” for a five-party conference, warning that if this is rejected, then each side will go its own way.

Eroglu was quoted by Turkish Cypriot press yesterday making the comment at a speech in Istanbul. The latest threat to break free from the talks and put the Turkish Cypriots on their own path adds weight to the numerous Turkish reports of a ‘Plan B’ for the breakaway regime to be implemented post July 1 when Cyprus takes over the EU Presidency. 

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Our View: Paphos cabs being given a free rein to rip off tourists



IN AN ARTICLE published in the Saturday edition of the Cyprus Mail, the vice-president of the Paphos Taxi-drivers said the following: “Sometimes drivers are waiting 20 or so hours at the airport just for one fare. There really isn’t a lot of work for us. Some day drivers do not even earn €10 and price of petrol is going up. If there’s no work of course people may feel the need to charge more.”

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One third of EU workers in Cyprus are undeclared

THE NUMBER of undeclared workers in Cyprus stands in total at 25 per cent of the labour force, but among workers from other EU countries the figure is as high as 30 per cent, and rises to 35 per cent in the hotels sector, Labour Minister Sotiroulla Charalambous said yesterday. 

In an interview with the Cyprus News Agency, Charalambous said that in an effort to combat undeclared workers and their employers, plans are afoot to change the law, which will require employers to fill in a special declaration form as soon as they hire an employee and issue them a special company card that the workers must carry with them. 

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