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Queen on ice to be crowned

THE first ‘Queen on Ice’ will be crowned at a fashion on ice event tonight at the Carob Mill in Limassol in honour of International woman’s day.

According to organisers, the concept is a first for Cyprus and will draw crowds from across the island.

“The models will be skating to all sorts of music and will be wearing various fashion clothing items from a number of stores. They will also be showcasing underwear, fur coats and jewellery,” said Tanya Burgwin of show organisers Macs Marketing.

They will also don masks in honour of the carnival celebrations which are now underway.

The event will include a fashion show on ice as well as a competition for female entrants only, who will have to follow a routine set out by the shows’ professional choreographer.

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Fires in Limassol and Larnaca

A SMALL blaze broke out at 1.30pm yesterday near Governor’s beach (Kalymnos) camping site, wedged between the Larnaca and Limassol districts.

A fire truck belonging to the camping site contained the blaze before three fire trucks arrived to help. Some 30,000 square metres of wild shrubs were burned but the fire did not get close to the camping site.

The police think the fire was caused when two cables belonging to the Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC) fell to the ground. An EAC crew went on the scene to restore damage.  

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Illegal fishing

AGRICULTURE Minister Sophoclis Aletraris and Green Party deputy George Perdikis met yesterday to discuss illegal fishing, including that of fishing for sharks.

Non-profit marine research body, Nireas, was also present at the meeting in the minister’s office.

Nireas’ Natassa Ioannou said there were at least a dozen businesses offering tourists shark fishing trips for about €1,000 a pop.

According to Nireas, the most common target is the nearly extinct basking shark, which is not a threat to human beings. 

It is illegal to fish threshers, hammerheads, basking, white, porbeagle and angel sharks. 

Aletraris promised a closer collaboration between stakeholders.

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Mother and son survive car fall

A MOTHER and her six-year-old son are being treated in Limassol hospital after the car she was driving swerved off the road and down a ten-metre drop yesterday. 

The 31-year-old was driving with her son down the main Fasoulas-Limassol road at around 2pm when in circumstances still under investigation, she lost control, hitting the roadside barrier and falling over a ten-metre drop. 

The mother and son were trapped in the car and had to be freed by members of the Fire Service before they were taken to Limassol general hospital for treatment. 

The mother is believed to be in a serious condition while the six-year-old is considered out of danger.  

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Thalassaemia drugs in short supply

THALASSAEMIA patients are forced to pick up drugs for their treatment on a daily basis because the state pharmacies are in short supply, said the Pancyprian Thalassaemia Association (PTA) yesterday. 

The association called on the state to take immediate steps to ensure thalassaemia patients receive the necessary treatment, noting that the current situation was causing “unprecedented disruption” to their lives while putting their health at risk.  

According to the association, the state has been unable to meet patients’ needs due to depleted stocks of Exjade (deferasirox), a once-daily treatment for chronic iron overload due to blood transfusions. 

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State willing to extend airport deal

THE GOVERNMENT is prepared to extend the Chinese investment deal for the old Larnaca airport by 31 years but only under certain conditions, according to Communications Minister Efthymios Flourentzos.

“We have taken the decision in the cabinet for concessions for another 31 years as long as certain conditions are fulfilled,” said Flourentzos yesterday.

A deal was first reached between Chinese firm Far Eastern Phoenix Ltd and Hermes a year and a half ago for a 19-year period, when the latter’s concession agreement on the old airport expires. The Chinese company sought to extend that deal for a further 31 years to justify the large investment.  

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Arrest warrants asked for Ayia Napa killings

POLICE have requested arrest warrants in connection with the murder of five people in Ayia Napa on Saturday, though they haven’t released any further details in case it blights the investigation.

“It has been decided that arrest warrants should be requested against specific people,” Justice Minister Loucas Louca said. 

The minister wouldn’t say how many warrants would be requested, saying the number was insignificant. Pressed hard for more information, Louca pointed out: “Any more details could harm further investigation of the case; these persons have definitely been located by the police.”

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Tourism revenues down in April

REVENUE from tourism dropped 16.1 per cent between April 2011 and April this year, according to data from the statistical services.

In April 2012, revenue fell to €114.6 million, from €136.7 million in the same month last year. Belgians were the biggest spenders, shelling out €108.3 a day, Israelis €106.6, and Russians €96 a day. Tourists from Greece spent the least with €37.3 a day, the Danes €53.6 a day and the Norwegians €54.7.

According to the data, on average tourists stayed 8.5 days in April 2012 whereas in April 2011 they stayed 9.3 days.

Norwegian tourists stayed the longest in April 2012, at 22.9 days followed by tourists from the US 9.7 days and tourists from Greece 9.6 days.

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Toddler dies after 12-metre fall

A TODDLER, just 14 months old, died on Monday night from critical injuries sustained in a fall from the fourth floor of a Limassol building.

Christos Kantaides and his four-year-old sister were being watched by their grandmother on Monday when at around 6pm Christos escaped his grandmother’s attention and reportedly climbed onto a piece of furniture near an open window. 

He fell 12 metres onto the garden of the block of flats and was in a comatose condition by the time he was taken to Limassol General Hospital, according to the assistant director of the hospital’s A&E, Phaedra Ioannidou. 

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