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EU forecasts negative Cyprus growth for 2012

EXPOSURE of the financial sector to Greece, the Mari munitions blast of last July, low consumer confidence and the ongoing recession in the eurozone are the key reasons why Cyprus’ economy is set to shrink this year, the European Commission said in its latest interim forecast published yesterday.

The island’s GDP is projected to contract by 0.5 per cent in 2012 due to weak domestic demand. The Commission’s downward revision for Cyprus relative to the autumn 2011 forecast was due to the worsening of the external environment and by the adoption of additional consolidation measures which were not accounted for in the previous forecast.

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No hunting on Green Monday

HUNTING will be prohibited on Green Monday, February 27, the Game Fund announced yesterday.

According to the announcement, hunting is allowed until February 29 in areas where thrush are hunted. This will also be the last day of the open hunting season. 

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Greek deal prospects rise, euro ministers to meet

Prospects of a deal on a second international bailout for Greece rose on Wednesday when euro zone finance ministers were summoned to talks in Brussels while Greek political leaders met to approve a tough reform and austerity programme.

Eurogroup chairman Jean-Claude Juncker invited ministers from the 17-nation single currency area to meet on Thursday evening and the International Monetary Fund said managing director Christine Lagarde would also attend.

They are expected to examine a complex package involving a 130 billion euro EU/IMF rescue and a bond swap with private creditors, which hinges on Athens accepting conditions that require big cuts in many Greeks’ living standards.

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North in hot water again over gay ban

CALLS were renewed yesterday for a repeal of the north’s antiquated homesexuality laws after two prisoners appeared in court charged with carrying out “unnatural sex acts” in their prison cell. 

The two, one of whom is a Nigerian national, were ordered to be “remanded for no longer than a month” to await trial. The Nigerian is already on remand facing charges of larceny, while the other, a Turkish national, is serving ten months for forgery. 

Local activists’ calls for homosexuality charges against the two men to be dropped were yeseterday backed by the European Parliament’s Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Intergroup.

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Better policing for 2012 to tackle road deaths

IMPROVED policing and better awareness is the way forward to reduce road deaths that saw an increase in 2011, according to Communications Minister Efthymios Flourentzos.

Flourentzos was speaking yesterday at a Road Safety Council meeting, where a report for 2011 and goals for the upcoming year were discussed. Also present was the Justice Minister Loucas Louca.

Around 71 people were killed in a traffic accident in 2011, whereas in 2010 around 60 were killed.

Policing and legislative proposals among other matters are a few of the issues that are to be dealt with during 2012, Flourentzos said.

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Toxic rat poison dumped in road works

A ROMANIAN man was yesterday charged by police after admitting he dumped rat poison in a ditch at the SOPAZ roundabout in the area of Pallouriotissa in Nicosia, police said.

The man was charged in writing then released after admitting he dumped the substance, known as phostoxin, which is used for pest control.

The man apparently dumped the poison in a ditch – part of extensive road works in the area – after he was told by his employer to remove it from a nearby warehouse where it had been used to eliminate vermin as it was past its expiry date.

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Paralimni bakeries targeted

POLICE are investigating the robbery of a Paralimni bakery which occurred yesterday morning at around 4.20am, together with a later attempted robbery in the same town.

According to police reports, the two robbers, with their faces covered with hoods and helmets, were armed with a knife.

The suspects stole around €450 from the Prozymi bakery and are both believed to be around 1.80m in height with a normal build.

At around 5am, two suspects of the same description tried to rob another Prozymi bakery in Paralimni, also with the threat of a knife.

This time, the till was locked and, after failing to breaking it open, the two suspects fled the scene.

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‘UCY medical school will save on healthcare costs’

A NUMBER of renowned doctors from abroad have shown an interest in teaching at the University of Cyprus’ (UCY) Medical School, which will be up an running in the 2013 academic year.

According to Health Minister Stavros Malas, a number of Cypriot and Greek doctors working mainly in the UK and US have expressed their interest in teaching at the new school, which is expected to bring some revolutionary changes to the island’s healthcare and medical services.

“It will upgrade the quality of medical care offered in Cyprus, because on the one hand we will have some top doctors coming to Cyprus to do the training and on the other, we will save a lot of money by no longer having to employ doctors from abroad or send patients abroad for treatment,” Malas told the Cyprus Mail.

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Paphos goes for Christmas cheer to ease the gloom

DESPITE the recent tragic blast at Mari and rising electricity prices, Paphos will be illuminated with new lights alongside the usual light displays this festive season.

The towns vice mayor Makis Rousis said, “People need to be cheered up this year and we will make sure Paphos looks beautiful again this Christmas.” He added, “we will be putting the decorations up around the town .We will also be putting a display at the new roundabout.”

According tot the municipality, the lengthy task of putting up the lights is already underway and Rousis says this year’s offerings will be better than ever.

New decorations will festoon Kennedy square and the new roundabout area, set close to Paphos general hospital.

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Arrested at airport

A BRITISH passport holder was arrested on Sunday when he tried to leave the country for London at Larnaca airport. 

The man, a Syrian national, was wanted in relation to causing malicious damage in Larnaca back in 2009. 

He voluntarily admitted the charge and was formally charged yesterday. 

He was released on a €300 bail. 

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