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Limits now in place for re-opening of banks – text of decree included


AFTER ALMOST two weeks with no banking system and limited ATM withdrawals, banks across the country will once again open their doors to the public today, introducing temporary capital controls for the first time in the eurozone.

Finance Minister Michalis Sarris last night signed into law a temporary decree capping cash withdrawals per person per bank per day at €300, effectively banning cheques and controlling cash outflows from the country, allowing only €1,000 per person per journey abroad. 

According to sources, the decree will apply across the banking system but allows a significant amount of discretion in its application. 

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Turkey warns Iraqi PM over sectarian conflict

Turkish  Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan warned Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Tuesday that Turkey would not remain silent if he pursued a sectarian conflict in his country and said Ankara did not favour any ethnicity or sect in the region.

Erdogan’s warning was the latest in a war of words between the two neighbours that has added to already heightened regional tension. Turkey fears Iraq is heading towards a full-scale sectarian war while Baghdad has accused Ankara of meddling.

“Esteemed Maliki should know this, if you start a period of conflict in Iraq within a sectarian struggle, it will be impossible for us to remain silent,” Erdogan told his AK Party parliamentary group in the Turkish capital.

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Dutch TV hosts grilled over cannibalism stunt

Two Dutch TV hosts cooked and ate each other’s flesh, sampling fried buttock and fried belly, and pushing the boundaries of bad taste last night in a programme aired by Dutch broadcaster BNN.

A butcher advised presenters Dennis Storm and Valerio Zeno on which were the best cuts of human flesh, and a surgeon removed the strips of muscle from Storm’s left buttock cheek and Zeno’s abdomen.

A chef fried the flesh, and served it to Storm and Zeno with green asparagus on the side.

Zeno described the experience as similar to eating a piece of car tyre, and took a while to swallow his food on air.

Storm cleaned his plate a bit faster, and jokingly likened his own “meat” to Kobe beef because he takes good care of his body and health.

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Cyprus to contribute €460m

CYPRUS is prepared to contribute around €460 million to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as part of the island’s contribution to the IMF’s crisis-fighting resources, Finance Minister Kikis Kazamias said.

Kazamias was speaking following the conclusion of a conference call of EU finance ministers on Monday.

The ministers discussed bilateral loans to the IMF and the eurozone’s coping mechanisms in the face of the financial crisis.

The IMF package, the result of negotiations at a December 9 EU summit, consists of around €150 billion covered by eurozone members and another €50 billion covered by the remaining member states.

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Our View: We need to rediscover our communal spirit

“ASK NOT what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country,” President John F Kennedy told Americans in his inaugural address 52 years ago. Those were different times, but this exhortation is more relevant today than ever before. It certainly applies to today’s Cyprus where avarice and self-interest have become our society’s dominant values, with organised groups’ interest only in what their country can do for them. 

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Britain to keep bases in Cyprus

BRITAIN will retain both its military bases in Cyprus following the completion of a review of their operations by Lord Ashcroft, its Defence Secretary Philip Hammond said yesterday.

The news will come as a huge relief to the 1,500 locally employed civilians that work on the bases and leaves Cyprus as the only significant accompanied military posting outside the United Kingdom.

In a written statement to parliament Hammond confirmed Britain’s “enduring commitment” to the bases, saying they had proved their worth during air operations in Libya and as a logistic hub for activities in Afghanistan.

“The sovereign base areas are in a region of geo-political importance and high priority for the United Kingdom’s long-term national security interests,” he added.

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Budget debate postponed to allow parties time to iron out details

PARLIAMENT yesterday postponed the budget vote for today but not because of a 12-hour civil service strike.

The decision to re-schedule the vote for 3pm was made during a meeting of party officials in the morning to give more time to iron out some details.

“The arrangement to have the session tomorrow (today) is not a consequence of the strike but an arrangement to be able to be ready,” House President Yiannakis Omirou said.

The House Finance Committee was yesterday trying to finalise the amendments that parties will submit to either cut or ‘cross’ funds included in the 2012 budget, which is expected to be approved.

Crossing funds is when lawmakers block them and each time the government wants them released it must ask parliament.

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Three more arrested in Oborok murder case


Three more suspects were last night arrested in connection with the murder of Julia Oborok, 24, and her three year old daughter Victoria, who were found brutally murdered in Yeroskipou on Tuesday.

Police arrested the three on suspicion of conspiracy to commit a crime, collaboration after a crime, destruction of evidence and obstructing the course of justice.

The suspects are the 56 year old mother and 54 year old aunt of Oborok’s former boyfriend, who is currently in custody, and a 16 year old who was employed at his salon.

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Fire chief suspended after Mari blast to return to work


FIRE CHIEF Andreas Nicolaou will return to active duty – temporarily at least – after the Supreme Court ruled that the decision to suspend him had been unlawful.

Nicolaou was initially put on furlough on July 27 for a period of three months following the launch of criminal and disciplinary investigations against him with regard to his role in events prior to and on July 11 surrounding the ammunitions blast at Mari naval base.

He was suspended from duty by the Justice Minister on the grounds that he allegedly failed to take any safety measures despite knowing since February 2009 that 98 containers with flammable and dangerous materials were being stored at the base.

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