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The four-legged victims of the crisis

DOG shelters all over the island are struggling more than ever to feed the animals in their care, and some are even close to shutting down.

The only thing saving them in the short term is a small amount of funding from the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW).

IFAW is a US-based organisation that rescues animals, protects entire populations and preserves habitats. The organisation normally helps animals all over the world who have been struck by natural disasters. 

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Over half of police warrants office have contracted latent TB

NEW TEST results reveal that 18 police officers from the same department have a latent tuberculosis (TB) infection, it was reported yesterday. 

According to state broadcaster CyBC, 18 from the 32 members of the police warrants department in Nicosia tested positive for a latent TB infection while only one office has contracted an active, contagious TB infection. 

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Now a search for oil in waters off Cyprus?


US firm Noble Energy has said it will carry out follow-up appraisal drilling for natural gas at the Block 12 prospect during the first quarter of 2013.

Speaking yesterday at the Economist’s “Cyprus-EU Presidency Summit” conference in Nicosia, Noble Energy’s operations director in Cyprus John Tomic also did not rule out a search for oil in deepwater strata in Cypriot waters.

Tomic said the deepwater Atwood Advantage rig, which Noble has leased for 36 months, would drill for oil in Israel’s Leviathan 1 field, after which it “could” be brought over to the Cypriot fields.

“There is no evidence to suggest there is no oil there [in Cypriot waters],” he offered.

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Three injured in village brawl

THREE men were yesterday treated for superficial pellet wounds as a result of a massive brawl that took place in the Nicosia village Peristerona late on Tuesday.

According to a police spokesman yesterday, the force received calls from Peristerona residents at a little before 11pm on Tuesday, saying a brawl – involving around 50 people – was taking place.

The police were told that stones were thrown and shots fired during the fracas. By the time officers showed up however the crowd had dispersed.

At around 2.30am yesterday, police were notified by Nicosia general hospital’s A&E unit that a man was being treated for injuries from gun pellets.

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AG included offending clause in press bill


ATTORNEY-general Petros Clerides yesterday assumed responsibility for the inclusion of a clause in a new press bill, which caused uproar among journalists because “it would turn them into snitches” by forcing them to reveal their sources.

The clause had been added during the bill’s processing by the state legal service, without notifying the interior ministry, which then sent it to parliament without checking.

As the story developed on Thursday, no one knew who had added the provision and for what reason.

Clerides said the provision had been added with his consent as he voiced his displeasure over the language used by the journalists union and the press to criticise the matter.

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‘We need leaders who see that peace is more profitable than war’

THE CURRENT round of talks seems to be leading nowhere; Eight years after the accession of Cyprus to the European Union, the Cyprus Presidency of the EU finds Cyprus still divided, while leaders have so far failed to utilise the discovery of natural gas in a way that will promote peace rather than war.

In parallel, the financial crisis has emphasised the unhealthy economic links with the so called ’motherlands’, the lack of autonomy of the Turkish Cypriots versus, and on the other, the financial investments made by Greek Cypriots in Greece, which were excessive and risky and to the detriment of the Cypriot economy.

The way ahead for the Cypriots does not lie in holding the hands of the motherlands but in holding the hands of each other. 

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Wood illegally collected for bonfires ‘should be confiscated’

THE GREEN Party yesterday called on the police to confiscate wood gathered illegally for the Easter tradition of building bonfires and turn it instead into fire wood for pensioners’ meeting places in the mountain areas.

The party said it had “started to receive some worrying information on illegal tree cutting and the theft of wood, ahead of the infamous Easter ‘tradition’ and the standard ‘lambradja war’ that has been taking place over the past years”.

The Greens called on the police to be alert and intensify patrols, especially in sensitive areas.

“We are calling on citizens to report all incidents of illegal tree cutting to the local authorities, the police and the Green Party,” it added.

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End to crippling red tape to ease investment

THE GOVERNMENT plans to turn the Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency (CIPA) into a “one-stop-shop”, with the aim of bypassing bureaucracy and making it easier for foreigners to invest in the island.

President Demetris Christofias yesterday promised the agency’s board of directors that he would promote their proposal to the cabinet within the next couple of weeks.

The meeting was held to see how crippling red tape can be overcome so as to attract more foreign investments to Cyprus.

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Turkey to start drilling off Cyprus this month

TURKEY will begin drilling for oil or gas off northern Cyprus towards the end of March, having carried out seismic studies, the head of state energy company TPAO said yesterday.

Any gas discovery in this area could raise the stakes in the negotiations over reunification of the island, and possibly increase tensions in the eastern Mediterranean.

EU-member Cyprus, started exploring for gas south of the island in September 2011, angering Turkey and the Turkish Cypriot side.

In reaction they signed a pact paving the way for exploration, and dispatched Turkey’s only seismic research vessel, owned by TPAO, to those waters under naval escort to search for potential reserves.

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Thieves slash tyres to grab handbags

POLICE are warning the public to be careful of two men who are targeting people by slashing their tyres and then robbing them. The warning comes after an attack on a woman in Limassol.

According to police, the 52-year-old woman, who was attacked last Friday, had just put her handbag on the back seat when she realised that her front tyre was flat. 

While one man was helping her another appeared, snatched her bag off the back seat, escaping with €1,850. 

Police urge the public to call their nearest police station or contact the Citizen’s Line on 1460 if something similar has happened to them.

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