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How Anastasiades plans to change things

Regulation of state officials
– Amending constitution to clarify for what offences the President of the Republic may be prosecuted.
– Lifting members of parliament’s immunity for all offences, but preserving their freedom of speech during the exercise of their duty.
– Legally regulating ministers’ and independent officials’ civil and criminal responsibilities for actions and omissions committed while on duty.
– More state officials will be obliged to file income statements at fixed intervals. This includes commissioners, judges, and the heads of parties that are not in parliament. A committee of auditors will be set up to investigate claims and publicly report any false claims.

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A new IPT law by June? Fat chance


Your letter column dated 25 April ‘Interim IPT bill to satisfy troika’.  It never ceases to amaze me why those in authority seem to think that we, I mean, those of us lucky not to be in the Club, need this daily fix of utter garbage, unless of course they actually believe in what they are conveying to us ‘illiterate fools’ Let’s look at it another way, they must be assuming that we are all uneducated because otherwise they would not say, think, or even publish information that is so unrealistic, but no, they just have to do it because it’s in their blood and part of their makeup.

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Letter from London: Packing Cyprus into a suitcase


When I was a lot younger, I couldn’t understand Cypriot students who flew to the UK loaded down with Cypriot foodstuffs. I mean there was so much better stuff available in the UK. Kettle crisps, MacDonald’s, and soft, white sliced bread that stuck to the roof of your mouth when you bit into it. Even chocolates in the UK tasted better. So why would you want to take boring food from home with you, I’d ask them? 

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Tourism, north and south, has developed very differently


THOUGH Cyprus is a small island it is remarkable how different the development of tourism north and south of the Green Line has been. Details are shown in the table below which covers the period from 2000 to 2012, and shows that though the number of tourists visiting northern Cyprus has increased in proportion to those in the south from 16 per cent in 2000, to 43 per cent in 2010, revenues were still much lower in 2011 at 17 per cent in northern Cyprus. This brings out the fundamental difference in the structure of the tourist markets.

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Intentionally tangled to deceive


Recently sacked DEFA (Natural Gas Public Company) head, Costas Ioannou is the subject of a police probe into criminal offences he allegedly committed during his reign as head of CERA (Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority) in 2009.

For their part, the police confirmed that the investigation into Ioannou draws on an on-going civil lawsuit concerning a licence awarded to a Russian company by CERA to operate a private power station. To obtain the licence, the company had engaged the services of Ioannou’s cousin, Andreas Hayiannis as a mediator/facilitator to seek out possible buyers for the company. But the deal turned sour when a British company acquired all the shares of the Russian company. Hayiannis then sued the Russian company for not paying his mediation fee.

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Church proactive in a crisis


Five years ago, hunger linked to poverty was virtually unheard of in Cyprus. 

Today, over 2,000 families living in the 40 parishes under the Archbishopric of Nicosia, alone, would go hungry each month if it weren’t for the Archbishopric’s community grocery. 

Set up in May last year, by Archbishop Chrysostomos II, the community grocery went from feeding 500 families 11 months ago, to over 2,000 families today.

Monthly the grocery supplies each family with pasta, bulgur wheat, cereals, orzo, UHT milk, corned beef, canned chopped tomatoes, flour, sugar, rice, lentils and haricot beans. Every two to three months, each family receives a litre of cooking oil, and at Christmas and Easter, two kilos of meat. 

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Tales from the Coffeeshop: The more things change…


AS RECENTLY as three months ago most men were willing to have their testicles chopped off, donate a kidney to comrade Tof and sign a life membership of AKEL for the chairmanship of the Bank of Cyprus, Kyproulla’s biggest, richest and mightiest company.

But today, if they had a choice, most guys would rather shovel muck on an Aradippou pig farm in 40-degree heat, than sit in the soft-leather, executive chair of the chairman’s wood-panelled, air-conditioned office on the top floor of the bank’s marble and glass Nicosia premises, eager secretaries queuing up to pamper him.

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The effort to restart the economy must be through attracting investment

THE RECENT adverse developments in the Cypriot economy render foreign investments and efforts to attract them an even more significant factor for the business environment, economic growth and employment in Cyprus.

Within a difficult economic environment, the Cypriot economy is being called to stand up and showcase its advantages. Today, more than ever, every possible effort needs to be made to turn Cyprus into a strong business centre, more effective, more competitive with even more transparent procedures in regards to investments and business activity.

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Bank deposits down by €3.7b in March

AS MUCH as €3.7 billion was taken out of the island’s banks in March, €0.9 billon in February and €1.7 billion in January, Central Bank of Cyprus (CBC) data showed yesterday.

Overall deposits in March were down 9.9 per cent to €63.7 billion compared to March 2012 when they stood at €70.7 billion, meaning that €7.0 billion left the island in the past 12 months but more than €5 billion of that was removed in the last three months alone.

In March, €3.7 billion in deposits took flight, €1.9 billion from third-country nationals, €1.3 billion belonging to Cypriots, and around €500 million belonging to other EU nationals.

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Further easing of capital controls

THROUGH a tenth decree issued last night, the Central Bank further eased capital controls for transactions both within and outside the island.

Payments and money transfers (for any purpose) from one financial institution to another within Cyprus have been extended from €3000 to €10,000 monthly per individual.

Payments and transfers from one bank to another within Cyprus are now capped at €300,000 per transaction for the purchase of goods and services. Any transactions over and above this amount – again for the purchase of goods or services – is permitted provided that documentation is presented.

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