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Deputies agree on system for alimony

THE HOUSE Legal Affairs Committee yesterday reached agreement on ways to rectify the Supreme Court decision preventing the imprisonment of divorcees who fail to pay alimony.

Before last November’s court decision, if someone failed to pay alimony, the child’s legal guardian could go to court and sign a declaration, stating the money had not been paid, securing an automatic imprisonment order from the court.  

The Supreme Court found this procedure to be unlawful, putting the brakes on hundreds of alimony claims, while imprisonment orders piled up in the district courts.

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Turkey warns Iraqi PM over sectarian conflict

Turkish  Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan warned Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Tuesday that Turkey would not remain silent if he pursued a sectarian conflict in his country and said Ankara did not favour any ethnicity or sect in the region.

Erdogan’s warning was the latest in a war of words between the two neighbours that has added to already heightened regional tension. Turkey fears Iraq is heading towards a full-scale sectarian war while Baghdad has accused Ankara of meddling.

“Esteemed Maliki should know this, if you start a period of conflict in Iraq within a sectarian struggle, it will be impossible for us to remain silent,” Erdogan told his AK Party parliamentary group in the Turkish capital.

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Our view: State ownership has proven to be a disaster of mismanagement

CYPRUS AIRWAYS pilots, who were considered the most spoilt employees in Cyprus before the emergence of the air traffic controllers, staged a demonstration outside the company’s headquarters on Wednesday, while the board was meeting. The pilots’ union PASYPI, for a change, was not demanding higher pay or better working conditions – it wants the loss-making national carrier to be taken over by a strategic investor who would have a majority stake.

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Power in numbers

Forget your fear of numbers, they hold the key to unlocking our personalities, numerologist Benny Vervliet tells NAOMI LEACH

3 is the magic number, lucky number 7, Friday the 13th, the 27 club, 666, even the year 2012 – whether we realise it or not, our daily lives are loaded with assumptions and superstitions about the meaning of different numbers. If numbers were not powerful, why do so many people feel intimidated by mathematics? And why do others pay homage with Sudoku and mental arithmetic games, revelling in the clean, uniformity of numbers? These symbols are compelling because they are universal. Although their significance first intrigued ancient civilisations, the art of Numerology is still thriving and informs people about their life’s path to this day.

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Baghdatis causes racket as his rage goes viral


WHACK. Whack, whack, whack. Whack. Whack. Four broken racquets, $1,250 worth of fines and more than 200,000 hits on video sharing website YouTube was all it needed for Marcos Baghdatis to enter Australian Open folklore.

Video footage of the 26-year-old Cypriot’s spectacular display of fury and pique in his second round loss to Stanislas Wawrinka on Margaret Court Arena was broadcast around the world on television before it went viral on Thursday.

“I haven’t seen that,” Australian Open champion Novak Djokovic said. “I heard about it. I haven’t seen that. I’m going to go to YouTube now, check that out.”

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Dutch TV hosts grilled over cannibalism stunt

Two Dutch TV hosts cooked and ate each other’s flesh, sampling fried buttock and fried belly, and pushing the boundaries of bad taste last night in a programme aired by Dutch broadcaster BNN.

A butcher advised presenters Dennis Storm and Valerio Zeno on which were the best cuts of human flesh, and a surgeon removed the strips of muscle from Storm’s left buttock cheek and Zeno’s abdomen.

A chef fried the flesh, and served it to Storm and Zeno with green asparagus on the side.

Zeno described the experience as similar to eating a piece of car tyre, and took a while to swallow his food on air.

Storm cleaned his plate a bit faster, and jokingly likened his own “meat” to Kobe beef because he takes good care of his body and health.

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Helios suspects acquitted of all charges

Nicosia criminal court today acquitted the Helios trial defendants of manslaughter and causing the death of 119 through a reckless act, after prosecutors failed to substantiate their claim that the crew were incompetent and that the company had not done enough to ensure the safety of passengers.

The prosecution had rested their case on proving that Helios Airways employed unfit pilots to fly the Boeing 737-300 jet which crashed in Greece in August 2005, killing all 121 on board.

One of the three judges opposed the acquittal, saying the pilots were responsible for the drop in cabin pressure on board the Helios flight.

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House to vote on 2012 state budget


Parliament will vote today on the 2012 state budget.

The plenary session will begin early in the afternoon, when 56 members of Parliament will hold their final discussion on the state budget and voting will follow. 

The budget total revenue for 2012, excluding loans, are estimated at €7,740 million and total expenditure (including loan repayments) at €8,924 million, compared to €8,860 million budgeted for 2011.


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Eroglu gloomy over talks

TURKISH CYPRIOT leader Dervis Eroglu foresees a gloomy ending to the ongoing peace talks and hopes the UN chief will take the “necessary steps”, according to Turkish Cypriot press reports. 

Yesterday’s daily Kibris said Eroglu showed great pessimism on the prospects of a positive outcome from the tripartite meeting to take place in New York at the end of January with President Demetris Christofias and the UN chief.  

Speaking during a meeting with the Paphos Turkish Union on Tuesday, Eroglu said: “I think that the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will see in January that there can be no solution on the island and will take the necessary steps.” 

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Civil servants announce wage freeze strike

PUBLIC-SECTOR unions yesterday announced a 24-hour strike on the very day a European Commission delegation here was being briefed on the government’s latest austerity package aimed at avoiding an EU bailout.

PASYDY, the civil servants’ blanket union, said the strike was planned for Thursday, in protest at an austerity plan decided last Friday between the government and political parties. The final decision on whether to proceed will be taken today. If implemented, the strike would last from 7am to 7pm.

Among others the austerity package provides for a two-year wage freeze in the broader state sector, but also an increase in social insurance contributions by private-sector workers, including the self-employed who earn over €2,500 a month.

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