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Tensions over bailout underscore pitfalls ahead

THE INK is barely dry on a deal struck in Brussels to save Cyprus from bankruptcy, but rising tension between the island’s conservative president and the communist-appointed governor of the central bank foreshadow difficulties ahead.

Thinly veiled disdain for governor Panicos Demetriades expressed by officials close to President Nicos Anastasiades has reinforced the perception of a Cypriot leadership reeling under the backlash against an unpopular, last-minute accord hammered out in fraught negotiations in Brussels.

Small and so-far peaceful street protests appear to be gaining momentum, and the opposition – denied the right to challenge the deal in parliament – is calling for a referendum.

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Candidates butt heads on economy and domestic issues


THE THREE main contenders in Sunday’s presidential elections yesterday discussed the economy and domestic policy for the third and final televised live debate, broadcast by four main TV channels Sigma, Ant1, CyBC and Mega.

A number of protesters claiming to have been duped by banks into investing in risky bonds were waiting for the candidates to show up outside state broadcaster CyBC. 

Tensions arose when AKEL-backed Stavros Malas passed them by at the gate but he did return to speak to them, defusing the situation. DISY leader Nicos Anastasiades and EDEK-backed Giorgos Lillikas also took a moment to talk to the protesters, all claiming they would support them.

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More Cypriots joining Erasmus programme

CYPRIOTS joining the Erasmus student exchange programme increased by 22 per cent during the 2009-2011 academic years, marking the third highest increase out of the 32 participating countries.

Cyprus was in fact top of the list of EU states, in regards to the increase of its students joining Erasmus, with Croatia – which will join the EU in July 2013 – coming first with a 132 per cent increase and Liechtenstein with 52 per cent.

More than 231,000 students across the EU received Erasmus grants to study or train abroad during the 2010-2011 academic year, registering an 8.5 per cent increase compared to the previous year.

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Joyriders remanded

THREE teenagers from Larnaca were yesterday remanded for three days, on charges of stealing a car, driving recklessly through Larnaca town and then setting it on fire.

According to the police, a member of the force’s special motorcycle squad spotted the 14-year-old driving along Petrakis Kyprianou Street on Sunday, with two passengers inside.

The policeman signalled for him to stop, but instead, the teenager sped off, “driving negligently and dangerously”. As the officer chased them, the passengers started throwing objects out of the car, tying to knock him off his motorbike.

“The vehicle the 14-year-old was driving was spotted at around 3.45am (on Monday), in the Larnaca district engulfed in flames,” said the police.

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Streamlining the immigration department

INTERIOR Minister Neoclis Sylikiotis yesterday confirmed that a new electronic customer service system would be installed at the offices of the Immigration and Asylum Service, to ensure the speedier and more efficient processing of cases. “I wanted to ensure that the decision to install an electronic system for queuing up will be implemented. Each visitor will be assigned a number and will be alerted through an electronic board to which officer they should refer,” Sylikiotis said yesterday, following a visit to the new offices of the Immigration Service in Nicosia. The move marks an organisational upgrade for the department, as its previous venue was deemed inadequate.

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