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Lillikas’ pre-selling notion is a gas say rival camps

THE CAMPAIGN HQs of presidential candidates Nicos Anastasiades and Stavros Malas wasted no time yesterday trashing the notion of pre-selling Cyprus’ natural gas reserves, as advocated by Giorgos Lillikas.

The two camps sprang on comments made by Charalambos Ellinas, the head of the state hydrocarbons company, who described as “non-serious” recent inquiries made by Dubai’s Royal Investment Bank Ltd for a possible advance purchase of gas.

The Lillikas team said the interest from Dubai proved their proposal was feasible and realistic.

But DISY had a completely different take:

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Court hears Mari eyewitness

LARNACA Assize Court yesterday watched two videos taken on a mobile of the hisses and flashes of a growing fire, and listened to phone conversations of a military officer in the moments leading up to the explosion at the Evangelos Florakis naval base explosion in Mari which killed 13.

Demetris Doulas was testifying at the trial of six men facing charges of causing death by want of precaution, and homicide by gross negligence.

The explosion was caused by 98 containers, temporarily placed at the Mari base in March 2009 and were left stacked there until they exploded after the gunpowder ignited on July 11, last year. The defendants have pleaded not guilty.

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A simple formula for CoLA

As our Government insists on keeping the Cost of Living Allowance (CoLA), here is a method of reform that should appeal to their Communist ideology.

As they set a monthly minimum wage, which they obviously believe is reasonable, CoLA should be calculated only on that minimum wage, and that amount should then be the CoLA increase for all. So if the minimum wage is €1000 and the CoLA increase is calculated to be two per cent, the minimum wage should be increased by €20. This €20 will then be the CoLA increase for all which will not be subject to any deductions for tax or social insurance.

How could anyone say this method is unfair?

Martin Rodger, Nicosia 

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Health minister promises drug cost probe

HEALTH Minister Stavros Malas has pledged to investigate the high cost of medication in Cyprus compared to other EU member states.

“I have asked for information on the price of medication in Cyprus compared to other countries [from the Pharmaceutical Services]……. I have asked for us to come together with further information in a month so we can discuss the matter again,” Malas said yesterday.

The issue came to light in an article in daily Politis yesterday in a price comparison between Cyprus and Greece, which claimed that the cost of medication in Cyprus is one of the highest in the EU.

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Ministries seek gas extraction timeline

STARTING today, the government is beginning an “intensive dialogue” with Noble Energy on how and when natural gas from Block 12 can be extracted and brought onshore, Commerce Minister Neoclis Sylikiotis said yesterday.

The talks with the US company are expected to last two to three months, the minister said after a meeting with the board of directors of the electricity authority (EAC) and the chairman of the Natural Gas Public Company (DEFA).

“Through this dialogue all the matters relating to planning for the advent of natural gas are to be straightened out,” said Sylikiotis.

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Overtime deal for civil servants

BY MAJORITY vote, the House yesterday approved a set of regulations involving the calculation of civil servants’ overtime rates.

Under regulations incorporated in the 2012 budget and pushed through by opposition politicians, public-sector employees have since January been paid overtime rates based on the lowest pay grade in a given service irrespective of their pay scale – a significant departure from past practice.

The new regulations find the middle ground, setting the overtime rate at the average of a given pay scale.

Lawmakers had agreed to take another look at the issue, after a number of civil servants – particularly high-earners – began refusing to put in overtime, creating problems to various government departments.

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Growing trend in over 65s working

IN CYPRUS you can stay young the longest and stave off being old for more than almost every other EU member state, according to an EU barometer.

On average, people in Cyprus would not call anyone “old” before the age of 68 and a half with only the Dutch topping that and saying that people started being thought of as old at 70-something.

The Italians and Belgians said people were regarded as “old” at around 67, a few years above the EU-27 average of almost 64.

The Greeks said that people were considered old at 65 and a half, the Brits at almost 62, while at the bottom of the list were the Hungarians who said people who hit 58 years of age were old. 

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European NGO calls for release of Turkish Cypriot conscript

THE EUROPEAN Bureau for Conscientious Objection (EBCO) yesterday called for the “immediate und unconditional release” of a Turkish Cypriot jailed by a military court last week after being found guilty bringing the Turkish and Turkish Cypriot army into disrepute. 

Halil Karapasaoglu, a former conscript in the Turkish Cypriot army, was jailed for ten days last week after his writings were published in a Turkish daily. In them he wrote that conscripts were regularly beaten by their superiors. Karapasaoglu was also found guilty of crossing the UN-controlled Green Line to the Greek Cypriot side while still a conscript. His lawyers however say the youth was on medical discharge from the military when he wrote the article and travelled to the south of the island.   

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Is American casino mogul behind new project?

INTENSE speculation surrounding the identity of the big foreign investor, who is reportedly looking to invest heavily in Cyprus in a large tourism project, has predominantly focused on the mysterious US billionaire, Sheldon Adelson.

According to government sources, Adelson was identified as the businessman who visited the presidential palace on Thursday to discuss his plans with President Demetris Christofias and Finance Minister Kikis Kazamias.

Speaking after the meeting, Kazamias revealed that the project concerned “a big building complex” and could prove to be a “much bigger investment than the Qatar-Cyprus hotel complex in Nicosia.”  

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