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Our View: We must discard our immature, xenophobic political culture


BLAMING foreigners or other countries for Cyprus’ woes is a habit as old as the Republic. In a few cases in the past this may have been justified, but in most it was nothing more than convenient way for our politicians to deflect attention away from their own blunders, errors of judgment and fear of taking decisions. On their side, they always had the media which were more than happy to give substance to these theories, uncritically reproducing claims of conspiracies, traps and stabs in the back by other countries or international organisations.

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AKEL denies it’s stalling until February

RULING AKEL yesterday denied a press report that the party had decided to reduce the state’s operation to a minimum in a bid to save money so that President Demetris Christofias would not have to sign a bailout deal.
The party said the report was a blatant lie and part of the mudslinging campaign launched by opposition newspaper Alithia, which claimed that a gigantic, yet unseen, effort was underway to find money for salaries and pensions to last until February, the month of the elections.
Christofias is not running for re-election.
“Today’s front-page report in Alithia is a figment of imagination, completely unsubstantiated and false,” AKEL spokesman Giorgos Loukaides said.

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Our View: Big projects should always be handled by private business

THE SIGNING of a memorandum of association between Hermes Airports and a so far unnamed Chinese company with a view to developing the old Larnaca airport into commercial showrooms and a logistical services centre was welcome news. Although there is a long way to go for the completion of negotiations, which have not yet started, and the signing of a business deal, the memorandum is a first step towards putting into effect an excellent idea.

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Our View: The last campaign of Venezuela’s Chavez

“Nobody said it was going to be easy” is the campaign slogan that Venezuelan opposition leader Henrique Capriles Radonski chose for the presidential election next October, and that remains true. Taking on incumbent President Hugo Chavez, an accomplished populist and self-styled “revolutionary”, is a tall order: for 13 years, he has seen off all comers. But it is getting easier.

It’s too early to write Chavez’s political obituary, but he is not a well man. Only a year after he had a cancerous growth removed from his abdomen, and despite four bouts of chemotherapy, he is back in Cuba for further treatment. Another tumour has been cut out from the same location, and this time he will require radiation therapy. The signs are not good.

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Bulgarian woman knifed to death outside bakery

A 29-YEAR-old Bulgarian man yesterday apparently knifed his partner to death outside her workplace before hanging himself nearby, in what police suspect is a crime of passion.

The incident happened at around 7.30am at the back of a bakery in Pallouriotissa, near the Ayios Antonios municipal market, where Galya Dimitrova, 30, also Bulgarian, met with Filip Valentinov, 29.

Dimitrova was rushed to hospital with injuries to her left arm and chest but was pronounced dead on arrival.

Some of the wounds were sustained while the victim tried to defend herself, Witnesses said that after being stabbed the woman managed to stagger into the bakery, but collapsed before being able to tell them anything. 

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‘Contemptuous’ defendants acquitted in ‘Chinese vice’ trial

THREE people, including a high ranking police officer, on trial in relation to a prostitution ring were acquitted yesterday because of what the judge called the  “contemptuous” attitude of the witnesses and their unwillingness “to tell the truth.”

The defendants were the police migration department’s deputy commander Nicos Theodorou; Mingxia Hua, a Chinese woman known as ‘Nancy’; and Panayiotis Cosiaris, a pensioner who owned the flats where 46 Chinese immigrants were rounded up from the police during a raid on March 15 last year.

The defendants were facing a number of charges in relation to pimping, maintaining a house of prostitution, exploitation, abuse of power, corruption, indecent assault, bribery, money laundering, among others.

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Power shift to Asia: no reason to panic

On February 15, just as Chinese Vice-President Xi Jinping arrived in the United States for a four-day visit, US President Barack Obama told an audience of American workers in Milwaukee: “Manufacturing is coming back!” Coming back from China, that is. But while the Master Lock Company of Milwaukee has indeed moved some jobs back to the United States, everybody knows that the flow will really continue to be in the other direction.

It doesn’t matter whether China’s economy finally overtakes America’s in 2020, or 2025, or 2030. A great shift of productivity and wealth is under way, and economic power generally translates pretty directly into military power. So will the United States and China be able to manage the shift without a great war?

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Paphos betting shop owner mugged


A 32-YEAR-OLD betting shop owner in Paphos was attacked on Monday night by an unknown man who stole thousands of euros from him. 

The 32-year-old was leaving the shop at 10pm and was getting to his car when someone sprayed him with a harmful substance, causing him to fall on the ground. The robber took the owner’s wallet containing €34,000.

The shop owner said that the robber was accompanied by another man.


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Lunchtime recession beater

RESTAURANTS and take-away places are traditionally among the first to feel the pinch of recession, yet for one family run restaurant tucked away off Ledra Street in Nicosia, business is literally booming.

The lunchtime establishment, Evroulla’s, consists of little more than a tiny kitchen and a dozen wooden tables and chairs scattered in a long, narrow, covered alleyway. 

The chirpy 51-year-old Evroulla Ioannou busies herself over a hot stove and countless pans in a kitchen that’s no bigger than the average-sized bedroom. Her husband, Takis, has his hands full with the packed grill as the entrance to the steamy and smoke-filled kitchen is clogged by a constant stream of customers arriving for their bags of take-away. 

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Tourism college staff latest to protest over wage cuts

STAFF at the College of Tourism are in dispute with their employers over the failure to pay 13th salaries, and a decision to impose pay cuts.

The staff, members of union PASEY-PEO, said the college’s administration had decided unilaterally to slash their January wages by 30 per cent.

They are also protesting their employers’ failure to turn up to a meeting with the Labour Ministry to discuss payment of the overdue amounts.

The college’s director, Savvas Adamides, yesterday told the Cyprus Mail that the measures were only temporary and the company planned to pay out all overdue money – when possible.

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