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‘Inform me’

THE government has set-up a special online service called ‘Inform Me’ which will help civil servants and members of local government keep members of the public up-to-date with news from the public sector.
Visitors can sign up as a member and by specifying their interests can receive relevant material via their email. A message on the site clearly states, “The state closer to its citizens” and “complete and accurate information for everyone about everything”.

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AKEL: there are ways other than ‘painful measures’

THE GOVERNMENT will stress alternative ways than imposing “painful” measures against workers to get out of the current fiscal crisis to the troika, said AKEL leader Andros Kyprianou yesterday. 

He hoped other political forces did not go the opposite way and encourage the international moneylenders to impose tough measures. 

Speaking after the troika wrapped up its second round of meetings, Kyprianou said the ruling party’s position was that the needs of the state and the banks needed to be looked at separately. 

“We clarified to the troika that our demands are to apply to Cyprus what will apply for Spain and possibly Italy and Ireland, in other words direct financing (to the banks) so as not to increase public debt,” he said.  

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Drug runner remanded after trying to drive over police officers

A 22-YEAR-OLD from Limassol has been remanded in custody for eight days after he tried to run over police officers when he was stopped for a check. 

The suspect was arrested around 9pm on Monday night after an eventful car chase which caused damage to three cars.

After being detained, police found a stash of around 6.5kg of cannabis in a bag in the 22-year-old’s car.

The suspect told the court yesterday he was operating as an intermediary for an unnamed person who had ordered him to pick the bag up from a bus stop. He claimed that he was hired for €500.

The 22-year-old is facing charges of illegal import and possession of drugs with the intent of trafficking, conspiracy to commit a felony and causing a car accident. 

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Gunman kills three, then himself in Liege attack

A gunman shot dead three people at a busy central square during a Christmas market in the Belgian city of Liege on Tuesday and then killed himself, a justice official said.

More than 75 people were injured in the attack, some of them seriously, Liege’s prosecutor told a news conference. As well as firing from a rifle, the gunman also threw explosives, officials and witnesses said.

Gaspard Grosjean, a journalist for a local Liege newspaper, was in the square moments after the attack.

“We saw people with bullet wounds in their shoulders, their hands,” he said, adding that he had seen one dead body. “I see people completely scared, people are crying, everyone is on their phones.”

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Turks to drill for gas in Famagusta

OIL AND natural gas exploration on land in Turkish-controlled Famagusta is to begin within three months, Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yildiz announced at the weekend. 

“We will have completed preliminary studies in two to three months, after which we will begin test drilling,” Yildiz told an energy conference held in Kyrenia on Saturday. 

Yildiz said the Turkish Petroleum Corporation (TPAO) had seismic data collected previously from the area that suggested deposits existed there.

“There is no guarantee that there is oil or natural gas there, but this is a serious operation,” Yildiz said on Saturday. 

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Our View: Taking money from the taxpayer under false pretences

DISY’S deputy leader Averof Neophytou may have been half-joking yesterday, when he accused the left-wing government of siding with the banks against the Eurocypria workers, but he was making a perfectly legitimate point. He was referring to the way the government had misled the legislature in order to secure its approval for a €35 million bail-out for the charter airline.

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