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More power

ELECTRICITY Authority (EAC) technicians have got another 75MW turbine connected to the grid, it said yesterday.

The turbine at Vassilikos power station was connected on Tuesday on unit 4, which now provides 110MW in total, the EAC said. 

Another 75MW is due to be connected to the grid before the end of the year. 

The EAC expects to get an additional 220MW when unit 4 is fully restored, they said.

Works should be completed by the end of the year to repair other units that were destroyed during a naval base blast in the summer of 2011.

Remaining repair works are expected to be completed by next summer.

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Police help save two women found unconscious at home

POLICE helped save two women who were found unconscious in their home, one suffering from stroke, the other dehydradion, in the Paphos district yesterday. At around 1.40pm, police were informed that an 86-year-old and her domestic helper were lying unconscious in their home. 

The head of the Stroumbi police station and a police constable rushed to the scene where they found the domestic helper had stopped breathing while the 86-year-old was also unconscious. 

The two officers administered first aid on the women in an effort to keep them alive until the ambulance could arrive, successfully getting the domestic helper to start breathing again. 

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Government downplays it is running out of cash


AS BAILOUT talks with international lenders dragged on, the government yesterday sought to downplay speculation that the state would soon be unable to meet its financial obligations.

“We have ways to ensure that the state continues making payments,” said government spokesman Stefanos Stefanou, responding to reporters’ questions on whether the state could run out of cash next month.

Commenting on the overall progress of negotiations with the troika mission here on the island, Stefanou said a great deal of ground has been covered.

But there are many “difficult issues pending,” he added.

Once negotiations wrapped up, the President would brief political parties and the social partners, Stefanou said.

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AG: write-offs a case of ‘interwoven interests’

THE attorney-general yesterday entered the fray concerning the debt write-offs of companies linked to AKEL, suggesting it was an unacceptable form of interwoven interests.
Petros Clerides said it was condemnable if the write-off was a gratuitous gesture on behalf of the bank.
“Because this is a case of interwoven interests — and it looks like it is present, not only now, it always existed – of political and economic powers and others,” the attorney-general told the state broadcaster. “It is very well known that a person with economic power can also acquire political power.”

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Burglar's blunder in choosing home of assistant chief

A BURGLARY at the Nicosia home of assistant police chief Lambros Themistocleous was foiled in the early hours of yesterday after the police boss woke up to catch the thief in his living room.

Themistocleous saw a thief at about 1.50am in his apartment making a move for his TV, police said. As Themistokleous tried to stop the thief his daughter called the police. The burglar threw several household objects at Themistocleous, who was taken to hospital with non-serious injuries.

But the thief did not get away as the police rapid response unit MMAD arrested him on the steps of the apartment building.  He is a 33-year-old Greek national.

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Why I’m just wild about Harry…

DOESN’T really matter if it’s posh toffs in a penthouse in Las Vegas; lager lads on the strip in Ayia Napa; or boys behaving badly in Blackpool; a lout is a lout is a lout. Which is why I am baffled by most of the UKs media tolerance of Harry’s gang, it smacks of hypocrisy. The same media will bray for  blood, and instant ASBOs  on working class lads being loud mouthed and sexually rampant on the streets on our cities but as soon as beautiful Etonians with plummy voices pick up strange girls, play strip billiards  and go on reckless drink binges – it’s just ‘good fun and letting off steam’.  Back to Brideshead. 

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Taxi drivers pleased with meeting results

THE GOVERNMENT has agreed to provide greater regulation of taxi drivers in an effort to tighten up the profession, get rid of those moonlighting on the side and improve the image of legit taxi drivers.  

Taxi drivers’ representatives met with Communications Minister Efthymios Flourentzos on Wednesday to discuss a host of long-standing problems facing the sector. 

Akis Demosthenous, head of the Nicosia urban taxi drivers’ association, said the ministry agreed to clamp down on unlicensed drivers moonlighting as taxi drivers. 

“You can’t have civil servants finishing work at 2pm and then getting into a taxi. They’re looking for additional income but they are taking from our livelihood. And it’s not just them, a lot of people are doing it,” he said.

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Cyprus slips deeper into recession


CYPRUS slid deeper into recession in the second quarter of the year, according to preliminary data released this week, with economic output contracting by 0.8 per cent on a quarterly basis as most sectors of the economy suffered bar tourism and banking.

The prolonged slump adds to the challenge facing Cyprus, which applied to its European Union partners for a financial lifeline in June to buffer its banks, battered by their exposure to Greece, and plug deficits from the worst recession in more than three decades.

Flash data released by the statistics service showed Cyprus recorded its fourth quarterly contraction in the second quarter. 

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Post-Helios recommendations still not enforced

THE ‘FLIGHT Safety Foundation South East Europe – Middle East – Cyprus’ has expressed concern that, seven years after the Helios air disaster, not all recommendations pertaining to the deadly crash have been implemented.

In a written statement yesterday, the foundation said no action has yet been taken with regard to what it views as one of the more important flight safety recommendations – the promised restructuring of the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA).

The foundation is a non-profit regional organisation affiliated to Flight Safety Foundation based in the United States.

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Farm worker ‘beaten, unpaid and jailed’

A FARM worker, allegedly beaten and left unpaid for the last six months, ended up behind bars when he went to report his employer’s abusive behaviour after police discovered his work permit had expired, it was reported yesterday. 

According to migrant support group KISA, the Indian national arrived in Cyprus last October to work on a farm in Pera Chorio, after paying a significant sum to arrange his work placement here. 

The farm worker told the NGO that his employer had assured him all his documents were in order. In fact the Cypriot employer even kept all his employee’s documents in his possession, including the worker’s passport and bank booklet.  

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