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Concerns mount over proposed dual carriageway

THOSE opposed to the planned dual carriageway in Paphos yesterday vowed to continue to fight as discussions on the project are about to get underway.

The discussions are to focus on how to proceed with the upgrading of the highway, which will eventually form part of a ring road around the town.

But activists have vowed to continue their fight to prevent the busy tourist hub of the Tomb of the King’s road in Kato Paphos from being turned into a dual carriageway and are instead hoping to put forward an alternative proposal to the Interior Minister.

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‘Govt needs to accept we have a problem’

THE GOVERNMENT’S decision to sell €200 million worth of short-term treasury bills to the internal market has reduced liquidity in the lending market and proved that the credit rating agencies were right to downgrade Cyprus, DISY number two Averof Neophytou said yesterday.

The DISY deputy, who is running again in this month’s parliamentary elections, accused the government of having no plan for the economy thereby affecting Cyprus’ credibility and “leading us to an endless spiral with negative consequences for the economy”.

When the state takes money from the internal market, this leaves the banks who buy the 52-week treasury bills with much less for lending, creating more competition for money in the private sector, he argued.

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Cyprus mulling stop-gap natural gas option

THE GOVERNMENT is considering an interim supply solution for natural gas as it ponders longer-term supply offers or the potential of tapping its own possible reserves, Commerce Minister Antonis Paschalides said yesterday.

“The aim of such an interim solution is to bring natural gas to Cyprus as soon as possible,” Paschalides told newsmen yesterday after meeting Noble Energy’s CEO and President David Stover in Nicosia.

It was the first visit to the island by the Texas-based company, which has a concession to explore for hydrocarbons in an offshore field south-east of Cyprus.

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Getaway driver tells of moments after murder

THE MAN who allegedly drove the getaway motorcycle on the night of the murder of media boss Andis Hadjicostis yesterday described in detail the moments after the hit and how he and his shooter accomplice fled the scene.

Fanos Hadjigeorgiou told the Nicosia Criminal Court how he and Gregoris Xenofontos, the alleged shooter, had scouted the neighbourhood around the victim’s house and prepared all their moves the night before the murder.

Hadjigeorgiou has been placed in a witness protection programme and has had all charges against him dropped in exchange for testifying against the other four defendants.

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‘DISY should apologise to the president’

RULING AKEL yesterday asked DISY to apologise for accusing President Demetris Christofias of wanting to sell the island’s gold reserves after his election in 2008, insisting that it has proven that it was the Central Bank governor who wanted to do so first, a year earlier.

The latest wrangle between the two big parties started earlier this week with the focus being the status of Central Bank Governor Athanasios Orphanides’ executive powers, which had been challenged in 2009 by three newly-appointed board members.

It shifted however, after AKEL on Thursday published minutes from a November 12, 2007 board meeting that the party says show Orphanides wanted to sell part of the country’s €250 million bullion.

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Greens call for chemtrails to be investigated

THE GREENS yesterday called for government funding to investigate suspected contamination caused by alleged chemtrails in Cypriot skies.

The party have also launched on their website an online petition calling for a proper investigation into the chemtrail phenomenon (

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Helios trial could open the way for video testimonies

THE NICOSIA Criminal Court will decide on February 15 whether to accept a prosecution request to have several overseas expert witnesses testify via teleconference on the Helios air crash, after parliament urgently passed the legal framework to allow it.

The prosecution’s two separate requests were rejected in November when it emerged that Cyprus didn’t have the legal framework to implement an agreement between the island and the US for mutual judicial assistance, which includes teleconferencing. The court ruled that it couldn’t examine the request unless the relevant law was enforced.

But after parliament passed the law as a matter of urgency in December, the prosecution’s request was re-tabled.

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Our View: Slapdash approach comes home to roost

ANOTHER decision issued by the Supreme Court on Tuesday exposed the slapdash way in which many deputies perform their duties. It decided that a law, approved in 2007, allowing police to secure telecommunications data during serious crime investigations was unconstitutional. The House had adopted an EU directive on the matter, without taking any measures regulating how information relating to personal data would be obtained and used.

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Obama persuades Mubarak to promise to step aside

A MILLION people, maybe more, rallied across Egypt yesterday, clamouring for President Hosni Mubarak to give up power and piling pressure on a leader who has towered over Middle East politics for 30 years to make way.

The 82-year-old former general was reported to have heard a similar message from US President Barack Obama, who appeared yesterday to have persuaded Mubarak to take a middle course of promising to step aside later this year.

After days of putting pressure on Mubarak while seeking to avoid unleashing instability in the longtime US ally, Obama sent an envoy to privately urge the Egyptian president to prepare for a transition in power.

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Stavrakis: scare mongering damages the economy

FINANCE MINISTER Charilaos Stavrakis yesterday said public finances showed a significant improvement in 2010 and warned opposition parties that scare mongering, inflicts huge damage on the island’s real economy.

Speaking after a meeting with former finance ministers, who participate in the informal advisory board, Stavrakis said public finances in 2010 were showing a significant improvement and fiscal commitments to the European Union have been fully covered.

“We are continuing this policy of fiscal consolidation in 2011 and 2012 to have a (public) deficit under 3.0 per cent,” the minister said.

Last week the EU took Cyprus off the excessive deficit watch, appearing satisfied with the actions it took toward the correction of the excessive deficit.

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