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OUR VIEW: What do we really have to lose by keeping capital controls in place?

IF THERE is one thing we can say with a large degree of certainty, given how bailout terms and conditions are changing every day, is that the Cyprus we knew has been annihilated.
The two big banks that financed our affluent lifestyle have collapsed, and the Bank of Cyprus, which will be allowed to survive, will be operating under so many restrictions and debilitating debts that it will be unable to fund business activity, let alone growth.

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Mari probe: Polyviou describes a society in turmoil and despair

CERTAIN aspects of yesterday’s report into the Mari blast yesterday read more like an emotional jeremiad than an official file with author, Polys Polyviou, lamenting a civil service and state machinery that serve only the interests of politicians and officials and not those of the public.

“There is turmoil, discomfort, bitterness and decay,” Polyviou said commenting on a “vicious circle creating feelings of not just dissatisfaction but also of anxiety and despair”. 

“Members of the public are either forced to adjust turning a blind eye to all that unjustifiably happens or else to do everything they can to get in the favour (of those in) power,” Polyviou said.

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Weekend break-ins

A TOTAL of over €20,000 worth of valuables was stolen in two separate break-ins over the weekend, police said yesterday.

The first break-in was reported by a 38-year-old Limassol woman who said someone had broken into her apartment sometime between 6pm on Friday and 5:30pm on Sunday and stole a €600 laptop and €9,510 worth of jewellery.

Meanwhile a 72-year-old Larnaca man said his apartment was robbed of two watches valued at a total €11,000 sometime between 6:30pm and 10:30pm on Sunday.

Both districts’ Criminal Investigation Departments are investigating.


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