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Bar review: Café Mercedes, Nicosia

Feeling obliged to take some foreign colleagues out for drinks towards the end of their stay led me to choosing Café Mercedes for a number of reasons. I had asked them whether they wanted trendy or laid-back, although I fearfully knew the answer would be trendy. Wanting to go somewhere I had never been before but not wanting to be too far from the local laid-back bars like Brewfellas and the Weaving Mill, I chose Café Mercedes for our excursion.

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Weather to turn stormy

RAIN and hail are expected during the week, the met office said yesterday.

“We may experience hailstorms over the week. This is not uncommon for this time of the year in Cyprus,” Marios Theofilou, a meteorological officer, said.

Today the weather will be cloudy with expected showers and maybe some storms. Winds will blow mainly southwesterly to westerly and northwesterly, averaging between four and five Beaufort. The sea will be rough on the south and west coasts. The temperature will rise to 22 degrees inland, around 21 degrees on the coast and 12 degrees on mountain peaks. 

Tonight the weather will be partly cloudy with a probability of rain.  The winds will blow southwesterly to northwesterly with an average of three to four Beaufort. 

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Soldier stabbing case continues, lawyers in talks for change of plea

THREE BRITISH tourists facing manslaughter charges after the death of a British soldier at a nightclub appeared at Larnaca District Court yesterday. 

The defendants all British passport holders, two of Pakistani origin and the third of Somali descent, were arrested soon after the stabbing and have been kept behind bars since.

Reliable sources indicate that dialogue has begun between the prosecution and defence lawyers, with the possibility of one of the defendants offering a guilty plea.

All three men pleaded not guilty at the start of the trail.

The case concerns the death of Fusilier David Lee Collins, 19, who was stabbed through the heart in the early hours of November 4 last year, whilst clubbing with three other soldiers. 

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Restaurant review: Almond Tree, Paphos

You know how it is. You sit down, the waiter hands over the menu, you read and think, ‘Okay, nice’ but deep down what you really desire even from a short menu are dishes that proffer some genuine level of stimuli for ones often recalcitrant taste buds. Believe me (please) reading the Almond Tree menu is akin to browsing through a culinary equivalent of the Kama Sutra – here you are introduced to flavour combinations which are both unusual, even adventurous, yet all are deliciously tempting and do promise hidden pleasures far beyond the bog standard we are often served.

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Cypriot ice cream maker expands to Chinese market

PAPAPHILIPPOU Ice Cream Ltd has managed to break into the Chinese market where it is competing with some of the biggest manufacturers of ice cream in the world from America, Italy and other places.

“The interest from the Chinese market was shown last year and this year we will start to export our ice cream there,” founder, Panayiotis Papaphilippou said.

People representing supermarkets, hotels and cafes in China will meet with Papaphilippou’s board next month to confirm the amount of ice cream required and the flavours that will be exported.

“These consumers are very interested in our lactose free ice cream which is made from fresh milk as 95 per cent of Chinese people are lactose intolerant,” Papaphilippou said.

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Restaurant review: The Round Up Pub, Limassol

With summer just around the corner and everyone looking for an affordable dining option, the choice of pub food seems ideal. Where else could you spend your night watching football, drinking ice-cold beer and eating decent food? 

After being tempted in with the aforementioned values, the Round Up pub scores well on all fronts. It encapsulates all you expect in your “pub-food” options, both the positives and the negatives. 

The positives first, as they do outweigh the negatives. The décor in the restaurant has American resonances of a typical Saloon setting. 

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Six thousand on list of those who transferred money out in March


THE Central Bank of Cyprus (CBC) yesterday handed lawmakers a list of 6,000 companies and individuals who withdrew money from Cyprus up to 15 days before a controversial Eurogroup decision to force losses on depositors as a condition for a €10 billion bailout. 

However, the chairman of the House Ethics Committee, who was due to look into a list detailing transfers of more than €100,000 from the two major banks – Bank of Cyprus (BoC) and Laiki – said the list fell short of what he had requested.

“It was with great disappointment and anger that, when we opened the envelope, we realised it contained data for only 15 days even though we had asked for a year,” MP Demetris Syllouris told reporters. “This kind of behaviour is unacceptable.”

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Café Bar review: Ayios Neophytos, Paphos

A magnificent location, a tranquil atmosphere and value for money – this daytime café has it all. Set about 600m above sea level and with a cool breeze, this destination is one of my favourite spots in Paphos.

Ayios Neophytos monastery is beautiful and nestles in the hills high above Paphos with panoramic views down to the coast. It’s an excellent place to visit, not only for tourists but locals as well. Steeped in tradition, the location is a perfect place to contemplate life, step back into nature and really relax.

Situated about 10km north of Paphos and close to Tala village, this is a great place to come for a morning or afternoon out, or just to pay a visit to the café.

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Bar review: Cashaca Café Bar & Lounge, Nicosia

With people reeling from the current financial situation, restaurants and bars are trying to draw customers in and try to make them forget about the horrors of deposit levies and austerity measures. It would also appear that these places have chosen Thursday nights as the prime night to attempt to draw people in and I was pleased to discover that Cashaca café bar & lounge also had a deal for free Italian tapas on Thursday nights.

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