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Remand for murder suspect

A BRITISH bases court in Episkopi handed out a seven-day remand yesterday to the 36-year-old man suspected of the murder of Loucas Constantinou, 35, whose burnt body was found on April 3 near Lady’s Mile in Limassol.

The 36-year-old was arrested on Thursday after he was released from Athalassa Psychiatric Hospital, where he had been initially taken after doctors’ orders. He gave police a second statement where he denied the murder and blamed the victim’s 28-year-old wife who had been arrested and set free earlier this month.

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Here comes the man in white, or a peek at the astrology of Pope Francis I

Unless you live on an isolated island with no access to the internet or TV, there’s a good chance you’ve heard a new Pope was elected yesterday.

Francis I, to be precise.

In the irreverent subs room of the Mail, there were ongoing anecdotes of “the black smoke monster” as the papal conclave prepared to meet and then cast its ballots.

Inevitably, there were also jokes whose basis were the recent scandalous history of the Roman Catholic Church. Mercury will leave this to your respective imaginations. Smut, filth and hilarity were involved.

Meanwhile, the even more irreverent free-for-all that is Facebook had been circulating photoshopped versions of the previous Pope on the heels of his resignation, and they were not, shall we say, terribly complimentary.

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Surtitles light the way for non-Greek speakers


WOULD you like to go to the theatre more often but find it’s all Greek to you? Greek speakers and the hearing impaired can now enjoy the Cyprus theatre organisation’s (THOC) Greek-language productions featuring ‘surtitles’ projected above the theatre stage.

The surtitles are in English and Greek and are still only available for specific productions and on set dates. There are two theatre productions this coming week that fit the bill.

Spring Awakening by Frank Wedekind is a play dealing with the sexual and spiritual awakening of teenagers and their conflict with parents, religion and teachers. Paphos’ Markidio theatre will use surtitles on Tuesday and the new THOC theatre will offer them on Friday and Saturday.

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Thalassaemia drugs in short supply

THALASSAEMIA patients are forced to pick up drugs for their treatment on a daily basis because the state pharmacies are in short supply, said the Pancyprian Thalassaemia Association (PTA) yesterday. 

The association called on the state to take immediate steps to ensure thalassaemia patients receive the necessary treatment, noting that the current situation was causing “unprecedented disruption” to their lives while putting their health at risk.  

According to the association, the state has been unable to meet patients’ needs due to depleted stocks of Exjade (deferasirox), a once-daily treatment for chronic iron overload due to blood transfusions. 

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Co-operation needed to ensure flight safety, experts say

FLIGHT safety must involve co-operation at an international level, experts said yesterday at the first of its kind flight safety conference in Nicosia.

The key is international co-operation and new technology, according to Makis Constantinides, head of the Flight Safety Foundation SE Europe M East–Cyprus.

He was speaking at a two-day international conference on the topic of flight safety, organised by the Foundation.

In Europe around 12 million flights take place annually and by 2020 this figure is expected to increase to 20 million. The number of passengers travelling each year by plane is around five million in Europe and 2.5 billion worldwide.

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