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EU presidency could prompt civil service overhaul

THE Deputy Minister to the President for European Affairs Andreas Mavroyiannis has said that the Cyprus EU Presidency provides a priceless opportunity to reinvigorate and modernise the civil service.

Speaking on CyBC radio, Mavroyiannis said that state organs need to modernise and change to reflect the new circumstances. The public have often criticized government bureaucracy, with frequent calls for the public sector administration to undergo radical surgery.

“This is a unique opportunity to conduct a complete overhaul of the public sector and the ways of doing things and improving. We can innovate and renovate where there is a necessity and adjust to the needs of modern times,” he said.

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Mars crew 'lands' after 520 days in isolation

Pale-faced but smiling, the crew of a long-duration isolation study emerged bleary-eyed to daylight and applause on Friday after 520 days locked away in windowless, cramped cells to simulate the length of a journey to Mars.

The $15 million Mars500 experiment aims to answer one of the big unknowns of deep-space travel: can people stay healthy and sane during six months rocketing to the Red Planet?

The six male volunteers were allowed to briefly embrace family and friends before being ushered into a three-day quarantine period at the end of an experiment to recreate the psychological strain of a real Mars mission as closely as possible.

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