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DISY vote marred by protest over bird activists


TROUBLE struck during party elections for ruling DISY in Paralimni yesterday when angry members and other locals moved the voting boxes and threw ballot papers into the street to protest against campaigns to stop illegal poaching of songbirds, or ambelopoulia.

The voting was taking place islandwide to elect three vice-presidents to the party, after new DISY leader, Averof Neophytou, and new deputy head Lefteris Christoforou were unchallenged for their new positions within the party.

Neophytou and Christoforou headed for Paralimini after the trouble broke out.

They attempted to ease tensions but were verbally abused by locals and DISY members.

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Bristol has its pound, why not Cyprus?

I believe this can help the Cypriot economy: Bristol, a city with 433,000 inhabitants, has issued its own currency: the Bristol pound. This was created to increase commercial activity in Bristol. Stores and businesses give discounts to customers who use Bristol pounds.

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Insurers downplay impact of haircut


INSURANCE companies yesterday sought to downplay the possible impact on policy holders as a result of the deposits haircut.

Under a decree issued by the Central Bank, insurance companies are no longer exempt from a deposit haircut at the Bank of Cyprus (BoC) and the old Laiki.

Authorities had initially excluded various entities from the write-down but were forced to rethink after it became obvious that it would increase the losses on depositors who must chip in to recapitalise stricken BoC.

Several previously exempted categories will now incur a 27.5 per cent loss on their deposits over €100,000. 

These include charities licensed by the finance ministry, and private schools registered with the education ministry.

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Two bedroom ground floor…

Two bedroom ground floor apartment to let for 350 euro per month. Located in Krasa area, Larnaca in a dead-end road. A very quiet area. Built area 80m2 and a terrace of 100m2. Fully Air-conditioned with electric appliances. Unfurnished.

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Another monument to our division

CYPRUS MARKS the tenth anniversary since the opening of the checkpoints on Tuesday, which ended 29 years of physical separation between the two communities, adding another milestone to the long history of continued division on the island.
On April 23, 2003 Turkish Cypriot authorities overcame Turkish military reluctance and opened the sealed gates between the two communities, allowing thousands of Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots to pass each other in long queues and cross to see the ‘other’ side for the first time in three decades.
Emotional accounts of refugees on both sides returning to their homes and being welcomed by the current inhabitants with open arms and courteous hospitality were beamed and printed by media around the world.

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The tourist is not as gullible as we think

 I REMEMBER, in years gone by, whenever experts were discussing the future of the tourism industry many were suggesting that ‘virtual tourism’ would supersede other forms of tourism.  Although this concept seems rather unrealistic, the future of this volatile industry is quite unpredictable and as its economic importance is growing, it becomes apparent that attempts to forecast future trends should not be ignored.  

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