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Our View: Time to take foreign businesspeople’s jitters seriously

FINANCIAL services have been a big earner for the Cyprus economy. In fact, the sector is the biggest contributor to GDP and has been more important to the economy than tourism for well over a decade. Yet the authorities have always taken it for granted, seemingly unable to grasp the devastating effects an exodus of international businesses would have on the economy.

Suffice it to say that a top executive of a Cypriot bank recently told staff that if foreign businesses withdrew their money the bank’s business would be halved. And when we consider the contribution of Cypriot banks to GDP we could only shudder to think about the consequences of a mass outflow of funds.

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Sea radiation from Fukushima seen triple Tepco estimate

RADIOACTIVE material released into the sea in the Fukushima nuclear power plant crisis is more than triple the amount estimated by plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co , Japanese researchers say.

Japan’s biggest utility estimated around 4,720 trillion becquerels of cesium-137 and iodine-131 was released into the Pacific Ocean between March 21 and April 30, but researchers at the Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) put the amount 15,000 trillion becquerels, or terabecquerels.

Government regulations ban shipment of foodstuff containing over 500 becquerels of radioactive material per kg.

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Our View: Downer hopes for reunification unconvincing to pragmatists

THE UN Secretary-General’s special envoy Alexander Downer briefed the UN Security Council about the Cyprus talks in a video-link with New York on Wednesday. Although he avoided making any predictions about the outcome of the talks, he remained upbeat about the prospects of an agreement reunifying Cyprus, “which is certainly within the grasp of the leaders”.

He did not say whether the leaders would reach out to grasp the agreement. For this to happen, “it requires a lot of courage and lot of determination,” he acknowledged, adding that “it is possible.” Downer, like all his predecessors lumbered with the Cyprus talks, has to be optimistic and look on the positive side, but he gave the game away on Wednesday by mentioning what was required for a deal.

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‘Papacostas knew the risks but Kyprianou was buying time’

THE TESTIMONY by a Defence Ministry official at yesterday’s Mari hearing revealed some of the shoddy and lackadaisical manner in which the army and state approached the deadly Monchegorsk cargo.

The inquiry heard that former Defence Minister Costas Papacostas had been “terrified” when he was told one of the 98 containers had bulged in the heat but he was told by a senior officer that the army knew what was happening and would “deal with it”

Papacostas had also allegedly berated Foreign Minster Marcos Kyprianou for “dumping” the munitions on him.

It was also revealed at yesterday’s hearing that Papacostas had decided the munitions should be destroyed, beginning on July 11, the day they exploded, killing 13 men and knocking out the island’s main power station.

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Defence lawyer demands two new judges in murder trial

ONE OF the defence lawyers in the Andis Hadjicostis murder trial yesterday demanded that two of judges be recused because they were personally acquainted with one of the witnesses.

The implication of such a move would be to begin the trial from scratch.

The president of the court, Haris Solomonides and one of the other two judges, Nikos Santis, informed the defence and prosecution lawyers after the last hearing on August 5 that they personally knew witness Rea Andronikou, who testified earlier that day.

Solomonides knows Andronikou through his wife, and Santis because he is a friend of Andronikou’s.

“We thought it right to bring this information to your knowledge,” said Solomonides.

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Our view: Interminable discussions with unions doing nothing to help economy

FINANCE minister Kikis Kazamias has begun a new round of talks with public sector unions as he prepares the second package of measures for the economy that he promised to table at the legislature by the end of next week. On Monday he saw representatives of the main unions, including teachers’ unions, who had not been involved in the negotiations over the first package.

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Paphos’ Aphrodite Festival hailed a success

THE 13TH Aphrodite Festival in Paphos has been hailed as a success by organisers and work is already underway for next year’s event.

Even in the current shaky financial climate, opera lovers turned out in Paphos in their thousands to watch the spectacular opera, complete with an imposing revolving stage and superb costumes, staged this year by the Opera of the National Theatre Prague.

The annual event is set in front of the ancient castle in Kato Paphos.

Jaques Offenbach’s ‘Les Contes D’Hoffmann’ was subtitled in both Greek and English to ensure the audience followed the unfolding events and two intervals gave ample opportunity for discussing the performance.

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EU agrees oil embargo as Syrians march against Assad

The European Union decided to impose sanctions on Syrian oil exports on Friday, saying President Bashar al-Assad was massacring his own countrymen.

“The sanctions have been agreed,” an official said in the Polish resort of Sopot where EU foreign ministers met to set out their response to Assad’s military crackdown on five months of protests against his 11-year rule.

“President Assad is carrying out massacres in his own country,” Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski said. “The whole international community is urging him to relinquish power.”

As the EU tightened the economic screw on Assad, demonstrations broke out in several parts of Syria, mainly in rural regions because of a heavy army presence in urban areas, activists and residents said.

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Rape claim in Paphos

PAPHOS police were yesterday investigating the alleged rape of a 28-year-old woman at the weekend.

The 28-year-old told officers she was raped by a 32-year-old man whom she had just met at a bar on Friday night. Several hours later, during the early hours of Saturday, he drove her to a remote area near the Medieval Castle where she said he raped her, said police.

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PASYDY to hold secret ballot on possible industrial action

MEMBERS of civil servants’ union PASYDY will be voting this coming Monday on what response to take if there are any deviations from the agreed economic package when it comes before parliament next Thursday.

Monday’s vote will decide what will happen in the event that any decisions are taken “in the absence of those immediately affected and in violation of statutory procedures.”

The strongest reaction would be for all unions to declare an island-wide indefinite strike.

PASYDY yesterday expressed their expectation that the package “will be respected by the legislative body and there will be no one-sided attempts to propose legislation for further cuts.”  The government submitted six bills to parliament last week as part of an austerity package.

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