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Unions unhappy with CY rescue plan

UNIONS OF the troubled national carrier Cyprus Airways (CY) are mulling over a restructuring plan that reportedly provides for over 400 layoffs with the big question being whether they will get a special compensation package and if so, who will cover the estimated price tag of around €27m.

CY management met the unions on Tuesday to hand over a restructuring plan drafted by Air France-KLM. Reports said the plan calls for cutting personnel by 407 to 623, bringing salaries down to the levels of the competition and introducing working hours to suit the needs of the airline in the current competitive environment.

CY Chairman Stavros Stavrou has already referred the plan to parliament, recommending its approval. 

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Cars are illegally running on LPG, House committee hears

PEOPLE have started to illegally convert cars to run on liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and petrol stations are selling LPG to drivers, members of the House commerce committee yesterday said.

The allegations were made by LPG companies who plan to convert cars or sell LPG once a legislative framework is set up that will lift a ban in effect since 1977, the Green party’s MP George Perdikis said, without naming the companies.

Cabinet said in September that it would allow the introduction of LPG cars, a cheaper and greener fuel alternative, but has already pushed back the deadline for creating the legal framework.

The commerce ministry told lawmakers yesterday their proposals for the legal changes will be ready by the end of 2013.

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German magazine’s so-called revelations are old news

So, the weekly German magazine Der Spiegel raises the rather old subject of Cyprus and money laundering by informing us that Germany’s intelligence agency BND has prepared a report about Russian oligarchs who have “parked” their illegal earnings in Cyprus, and it is they who will benefit from any bailout that Cyprus receives from the EU. 

This so-called revelation is made as if it is some new and wondrous discovery, but what’s new in the world?

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‘Troika didn’t tell us our proposals were insufficient’


GOVERNMENT spokesman Stefanos Stefanou yesterday denied reports the government is being “urged” to cooperate with the troika after submitting its own proposals on a possible memorandum of understanding. 

The document obtained by Reuters in Berlin read: “An agreement between the troika and Cyprus over key data of the programme is pending. In the meantime Cyprus has submitted its own proposals on a possible MOU which above all target the fiscal aspects of the MOU and which in the view of the troika are insufficient.

“The Eurogroup working group has again urged Cyprus to cooperate with the troika.” 

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New finds at Vlou

ARCHAEOLOGISTS have uncovered a complex of new rooms at the site of Vlou, some 2.5 km northeast of Anogyra village in the Limassol District. 

The site is said to have functioned most likely as a small rural sanctuary, active from the end of the 2nd to the 4th century AD. In previous years, part of a main room, a large three-level courtyard, four service rooms and a small two-roomed house in the eastern part were revealed.

The new complex was found in the northeastern corner of the sanctuary, “leading to the partial rewriting of the history of this archaeological site”, the Antiquities Department said. 

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'Private and public workers should unite'

THE PRIVATE and public sectors need to work together to fight against the unfair austerity measures being promoted by the government, and not battle against each other, the head of primary school teachers’ union POED said yesterday.

“We must not fall in this trap of going against each other; this is what they want. We need to be united,” Filios Fylactou told the Cyprus Mail, referring to the ever-increasing chasm between the two sectors.

“The problem with the public service is that every time there is an election period, the payroll increases by over 10 per cent, because it is a well known fact that parties sort their own out once elected to power,” said Fylactou.

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Minister says not very much leeway to help municipalities


THE STATE’S ability to respond to the needs of cash-strapped municipalities is limited, interior minister Eleni Mavrou said yesterday. 

“There is currently not much wiggle room to help,” Mavrou, herself a former mayor of Nicosia, said referring to the reduction in funding to municipalities.

The union of municipalities said on Monday it was considering suing the government for reneging on an agreement. It said the government was not entitled to withhold over €6 million expected as part of an agreement made a decade ago, for the state to reimburse municipalities for losing revenue from the scrapping of the professional tax.

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Syria, water and education on agenda for top EU meeting

THE FOREIGN ministers of all EU countries will hold an informal meeting in Paphos today and tomorrow to discuss the crisis in Syria, along with water and education-related issues. 

The informal meeting, held at Aphrodite Hills in the Paphos district, is co-hosted by Foreign Minister Erato Kozakou Marcoullis on behalf of the Cyprus EU Presidency and the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton, who chairs the Foreign Affairs Council.

The informal nature of the meeting means that no binding agreements are made though ministers are able to discuss important current affairs issues openly with each other.

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Killed by propeller

A 40-YEAR-OLD diver whose body was discovered in the sea off Yeroskipou in Paphos on Saturday was killed by a speedboat propeller, a post mortem showed yesterday.

State pathologist Eleni Antoniou said the man most probably died instantly.

The body was discovered by a British man who was out on his boat in the area. 

Police are investigating the case but have obtained no witness testimonies with regard to the incident, police spokesman Andreas Angelides said.

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Back-to-nature for Israeli teens

A LARNACA rabbi has set up a back-to-nature type school in the Famagusta area for Israeli teenagers who want to experience something different.

“It’s similar to a summer camp for kids,” said Rabbi Arie Zeeve Raskin.

The camp, which is mainly for teens aged 15-17, will be set up in an agricultural area in Achna, with the first students set to arrive in September – around 10 to 12 of them. They will stay for two to three months, according to Rabbi Raskin.

“We want to give them something different…they will be taught stuff that they’re not taught at home such as English, it will fill in what’s missing,” he added.

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