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Minister and unions meet over pension reform

FINANCE Minister Charilaos Stavrakis revealed little yesterday after having sounded out public-sector unions on the government’s proposals for pension reform.

In a brief statement following his meeting with leaders of the PASYDY, PEO and SEK unions, Stavrakis said only that the unions agreed to study the proposals and “to get back to us”.

Stavrakis refused to be drawn into specifics, but did say that during the meeting he fleshed out the government’s thoughts with some concrete numbers.

He said the meeting was part of government plans announced last week to increase existing contributions by civil servants toward their pensions, among other things.

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Reward for return of a pension in gold

A RETIRED British couple living in Peyia, who had their life’s savings of gold coins and silver bars stolen last Friday, are offering a €25,000 reward to anyone with information that can help locate the thieves and bring them to justice.

The gold coins’ estimated worth is between €150,000 and €200,000, and because they are so dear, no insurance company would agree to insure them.

The devastated owner, Caroline Carter, yesterday explained that these coins and the nine, one-kilo silver bars – worth over €4,000 – were her and her partner Barrie’s life’s savings. The couple had decided to shun the banks and find other ways to invest their money after selling their home in Surrey, England and moving to Cyprus in 2007

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LUXURIOUS 1st floor 3 bedroom…

LUXURIOUS 1st floor 3 bedroom flat, 180 sq.m. within a small 4 flat building block near Giorgio building (Ministry of Health) in Nicosia, 2 bathrooms, 1 w/c, heating/airconditioning, closed garaze, electrical appliances, private garden €850 including communal charges. Tel: 99629910

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Private tuition expense equal to 17% of public school support

AS PARENTS spend much of the academic year manically darting around to take their kids to and from one private lesson or other, a recent EU report sheds light on the fact that Cypriot parent’s private tuition spending matches a whopping 17 per cent of the government’s public school spending each year.

The independent report sited Cyprus as one of the highest spenders on private tuition in Southern Europe, outmatched only by Greece.

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Our View: Voting on principle a privilege only for DIKO as a party, not for members

WE SAW the last chapter of the Zacharias Koulias saga on Tuesday, when the DIKO executive council expelled him from the party for his apostasy. The diminutive, firebrand deputy had refused to vote for his party leader Marios Garoyian in the election of House president, backing instead EDEK chief Yiannakis Omirou and tilting the contest in the latter’s favour.

Understandably, most of his party colleagues were outraged and demanded the expulsion of this latter-day ‘Judas’, whose apostasy had deprived their leader of another five-year term as House president. Koulias’ apostasy, according to Garoyian, was a blow “against the party code, political morality and democratic legality and his action paved the way for the corruption of the values of public life”.

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Al Jazeera airs call by defecting Syrian officer

AL Jazeera aired footage yesterday of what it said was a defecting Syrian lieutenant calling on other soldiers to stand up against President Bashar al-Assad and stop repressing protests against his rule.

The man, who identified himself as First Lieutenant AbdulRazzaq Mohammed Tlas from the town of Rastan in Homs province, said he joined the army “with the aim of protecting the people … from the Israeli enemy”.

“After what we’ve seen from crimes in Deraa and all over Syria, I am unable to continue with the Syrian Arab army,” he said in the footage aired on Al Jazeera television.

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Pensioner dies in fall from bridge

A 76-YEAR-OLD met a tragic death yesterday after he fell off a bridge on the motorway near Nicosia, police said.

Police believe the man had travelled a distance of around 2.5 kilometres on a flat tyre, finally stopping on a bridge near the Tseri industrial area.

He got out of the car and leaned on the railing but lost his balance and fell, police said.

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‘Cyprus will defend its interests from trespassers’

CYPRUS IS closely monitoring Turkish actions with regard to hydrocarbon exploration in the eastern Mediterranean, and is in contact with both the European Union and Greece, President Demetris Christofias said yesterday.

He was commenting on news reports that TPAO, Turkey’s national oil and gas corporation, has invited potential partners to explore and exploit blocks in the eastern Mediterranean, including in areas which the Republic regards as falling inside its own Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

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‘I needed 18,000 firecrackers to train my dogs Your Honour’

USING the excuse that he had bought 18,000 fire crackers to train his hunting dogs not to be afraid of gun shots, 28-year-old Savvas Andreou was remanded yesterday for four days along with his father-in-law, 52-year-old Stavros Andreou from Xylofagou who was remanded for two days.

Around 17,976 industrial fire crackers of various sizes were found at their home on Tuesday in Xylofagou, police said.

Police searched their house on Tuesday after receiving information that they had in their possession a large amount of fire crackers and found another batch in the storage room at their home.

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Multiple pensions discussions goes behind closed doors


PARLIAMENT and government will meet again today in a bid to reach a final agreement on what to do with the multiple pensions’ bill, which is due to be passed by the House this week after the House failed to vote on it last Thursday.

Under the public glare, the House Finance Committee convened yesterday for four hours. It is the first time that parliament has continued meeting into the Holy Week.

What will be put before the plenum this week however will be subject to amendments.

The House committee met yesterday with all of the interested parties – including Finance Minister Charilaos Stavrakis, the Attorney-general, and the head of the civil servants’ union Glafcos Hadjipetrou.

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