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China and Russia drive growth in world’s billionaires

RISING global commodities prices and Asia’s economic boom led to a big increase in the number of billionaires in Russia, China and Brazil in 2011.

China nearly doubled its number of billionaires to 115, while Russia and Brazil posted two-third jumps to 101 and 30, respectively, Forbes said in its annual list of the world’s richest people.

It was the first time any country outside the United States, which has 413 billionaires, had more than 100. Moscow is now home to the most people on the list with 79 billionaires, easily outstripping New York, which has just 58.

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The 7-year itch is now the 3-year glitch -study

THE “three-year glitch” has replaced the “seven-year itch” as the tipping point where couples start to take each other for granted, according to a new survey.

Weight gain, stinginess, toe-nail clippings on the bathroom floor and snoring are a few of the passion-killers that have led to a swifter decline in relationships in the fast-paced 21st century, said the study commissioned by Warner Brothers to promote the release of comedy film “Hall Pass” in UK cinemas.

The survey of 2,000 British adults in steady relationships pinpointed the 36-month marker as the time when relationship stress levels peak and points to a new trend of “pink passes” and “solo” holidays away from partners and spouses that many Britons resort to in order to keep romance alive.

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Our View: Rallies actually against Ankara’s refusal to keep picking up tab

SOME 25,000 Turkish Cypriots turned up in Inonu Square in north Nicosia yesterday for the much-hyped rally against Ankara’s spending cuts in the north.

There was a better turn-out than for the previous rally which provoked the ire of Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan and sparked angry exchanges between the two sides. Furious by what he saw as the ingratitude of the Turkish Cypriots, Erdogan branded them ‘freeloaders’.

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Police clash with Palestinians in Larnaca

CLASHES between Palestinians and the police broke out in Larnaca again yesterday after the government attempted to move 70 Palestinians to new housing, resulting in three arrests and two injuries.

Three Palestinians were arrested for assaulting officers who tried to calm tempers outside a Larnaca hotel when one of the Palestinians had an argument with his wife about moving into a government-appointed reception centre.

Scuffles broke out, resulting in two police officers being taken to hospital with minor injuries. One of the arrested is also being investigated for attempting to grab a policeman’s service revolver during the fracas.

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Police escape jail for beatings


EIGHT police officers involved in the beating of two students over five years ago were given suspended jail sentences by the Nicosia Criminal Court yesterday.

The eight, including one female police officer, received sentences ranging from two months to one year, depending on the degree of their involvement in the December 20, 2005 incident, which the court suspended for three years.

Seven of the defendants pleaded guilty to assault and causing actual bodily harm and the policewoman to deliberately failing to stop her colleagues from carrying out the offences.

The officers are currently under suspension and receiving part of their pay, while a police disciplinary committee is looking into the case.

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Malaysians toss tangerines in hope of romance

Thousands of Malaysians gathered in a park in the capital to toss tangerines into water, hoping the fruits would be picked up by a potential romantic partner.

The decades-old custom, still observed among Malaysians of Chinese descent in this majority Muslim nation, takes place on the final night of the 15-day Lunar New Year celebration, widely celebrated as the Chinese Valentine’s Day.

According to the custom begun in northern Malaysia, unmarried women tossed tangerines into the sea, hoping the fruits would be picked up by young men who could become their future husband.

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Cyprus crops up in search for Mubarak billions

AS THE dust settles on Cairo’s Tahrir Square, one of the many questions facing the country is how much wealth did Egypt’s former president Hosni Mubarak and his family gather during his 30-year reign and where is it now?

Within hours of Mubarak’s fall, Swiss officials ordered banks to search for and freeze any assets of Mubarak and his family. Following reports that companies connected to the Mubarak family operate in the UK and Cyprus, a question the Cypriot authorities may want to ask is whether any funds have been illegally or improperly transferred to Cyprus.

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Cool response to 20 million euro VAT help

UNIONS yesterday appeared unimpressed with the €20 million the government said it has set aside for low-income groups to offset the impact of the introduction of five per cent VAT on food and medicine at the beginning of the year.

In their first reaction, following a meeting with Finance Minister Charilaos Stavrakis and his counterpart at the Labour Ministry Sotiroulla Charalambous yesterday, PEO, SEK and DEOK said the amount should be higher.

Stavrakis said the amount was “quite high,” considering the broader fiscal effects, and suggested that “a large section of the population will replace their lost purchasing power … through the Cost of Living Allowance (CoLA).”

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Time to act against illegal parking


A YELLOW sticker will be stuck on cars parked illegally on pavements and in spaces designated for disabled drivers on Saturday as a new group tries to highlight drivers’ shameful act.

“We decided that we want to make people aware,” said a member and of Cyprus Act, which is organising the campaign, adding that they want it to be a continuous effort “until people become aware, if they do.”

Cyprus Act is currently made up of about four people who want to take action on issues that concern them, “problems we face in everyday life that nobody does anything about.” The idea was inspired by a similar group in Athens.

“We’re an open society and we would like to tackle new ideas,” the ACT member said.

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Long-awaited Cyprus File sheds no new light

AFTER four-and-a-half years and 450 hours of meetings at which 155 people gave testimony the much talked-about Cyprus File was finally completed. To be more precise, a draft report has been completed and will be finalised only after it has been studied by the political parties which can make changes to it if they so wish. The final version will then be the subject of a plenum debate, before it is ratified and stored in the legislature’s store-room.

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