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Climate change and tourism: a sea change for the industry

GLOBAL tourism profoundly affects, and is being affected by climate change and hence the tourism industry is a major stakeholder in global mitigation and adaptation efforts.

Cyprus tourism is no exception. On the contrary, the mutually detrimental impacts are likely to be more pronounced in Cyprus than in many other parts of the world.

The over-reliance on fossil fuels for electricity and on the private car for transportation results in high carbon emissions per tourist. Cyprus being an island with an already hot and semi-arid climate is likely to experience more pronounced impacts from climate change than, say, other parts of Europe.

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Farmers sit in at the House

DOZENS of farmers were invited to sit in the House yesterday by Commerce Committee Chairman, DISY’s Lefteris Christoforou, after they showed up to protest against end prices that consumer’s pay for their products. The farmers at times gave a standing ovation to representatives who discussed ways to cut out the middle men between producers and consumers.

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Our View: Academics should not be silenced

IN THE PUBLIC debate sparked by the government’s decisions about LNG some academics also expressed an opinion. It was a welcome contribution to a debate in which there are divergent views an on which most people are not well-informed as regards the country’s options.

Instead of welcoming the participation of academics in the debate, both the government and Akel turned against them, suggesting that they represented other interests and therefore had no right to air their views.

Earlier this week, both Akel chief Andros Kyprianou and commerce minister Antonis Paschalides attacked an academic who had repeatedly criticised the government decision, accusing him of representing specific interests.

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Our View: New bus service failing badly on the PR front

WEANING us of our love affair with our cars was never going to be the easiest of tasks, but the introduction of OSEL’s swish new bus service in Nicosia last summer was piecemeal at best.

Nicosia’s fleet of sleek new buses certainly look the part with their electronic signs, air-conditioned interiors and comfy seats. But logistically the new service has been hampered by unacceptable delays.

Take the new timetables. They were supposed to be ready by August.

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Our View: Turkey scores big off of Greek Cypriot hooliganism

TUESDAY night’s incident at a Nicosia stadium where APOEL hooligans attacked Turkish team Pinar Karasiyaka during a FIBA Eurochallenge basketball game could not have come at a worse time, or become so blown out of proportion politically.

The Cyprus talks are already flagging badly and the amount of negative publicity surrounding the incident is another nail in the coffin, whether it was random mindless thuggery or a politically motivated organised attack.

Although the Cypriot team had won the game, as soon as the final whistle blew 500 APOEL fans from the 2,000 attendees started throwing things at the Turkish team’s bench. Police escorted the Pinar Karasiyaka members to their locker room for safety. The mob tried to storm the room but were prevented.

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CY staff furious at closure comments

CYPRUS AIRWAYS (CY) pilots’ union PASYPI yesterday called on the government to explain the Finance Minister’s claims that CY was heading towards closure if the airline failed to return to the black.

The union was reacting to Minister Charilaos Stavrakis’ statement on Tuesday that CY was heading in the same direction as failed state carrier Eurocypria, if it did nto take immediate action to reduce its losses.

Stavrakis said CY stood to make around €30 million in losses by the end of this year and if the airline’s board of directors didn’t come up with a restructuring plan as soon as possible, its employees would end up in the same dire straits as their Eurocypria colleagues.

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Prison wardens to come under extra scrutiny

AN INVESTIGATION has been launched to discover who was responsible for taking mobile phones, screwdrivers and a webcam into Nicosia Central Prison, after the items were uncovered in the prison wardens’ locker room.

The latest discovery was just one in a string of incidents where inmates were caught with mobile phones and other banned items, reportedly with the cooperation of the prison’s wardens.

The Central Prison’s Deputy Governor, George Tryfonides, yesterday announced that workers at the prison would from now on be searched manually – as well as going through metal detectors – while he added that whoever disagreed with the new measures would have to find another job.

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Clamping down on loan sharks

A BILL that will regulate loans from private entities, commonly known as loan sharks, is expected to be submitted to the House for approval in October.

The aim is to create a legal framework that will criminalise the current free-for-all type of loan sharking, which isn’t actually illegal due to the lack of a relevant law. The new law will make borrowing from another person legal but under strict conditions.

The bill will determine a specific interest rate that can be imposed by a private lender, which will be determined by the House Legal Affairs Committee in next week’s meeting.

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Mob rule does not reflect the ‘wisdom of the crowd’, only partisan bullying

FOOTBALL club boards have never been renowned for responsible and sensible behaviour. This is why a club board rarely condemns violence when its supporters are involved, this is why it issues official announcements blaming match officials when its team loses and this is why it usually blames the police when there is crowd trouble at its stadium. Boards are incapable of seeing beyond the narrowly defined interests of their club, even if this means undermining the sport’s standing and showing contempt for the law.

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Probe into drug sting farce allegations

THE CHIEF of Police has launched an investigation into allegations that the Cyprus Drug Squad YKAN seriously bungled a major drug sting operation last week and managed to lose seven kilos of cannabis in another operation back in July.

Police spokesman Michalis Katsounotos said that the chief of police Michalis Papageorgiou received a preliminary report into the most recent allegations yesterday and that the incident was “probably a failed sting operation”.

According to reports, the drug enforcement agency used the help of a Syrian ex-convict to bring in 12 kilos of cannabis into the country under the protection of YKAN. The drugs were paid for by YKAN and the Syrian, who had purchased the drugs in Holland, was instructed to find a Cypriot buyer.

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