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Aglandjia residents can pay rubbish bill in two instalments

THE LOCAL authority of a Nicosia suburb announced yesterday it was offering residents the option of paying their annual refuse collection fees in two instalments.

Aglandjia Municipality said residents facing financial difficulties can opt to pay the fee in two instalments.

“As a municipality we believe we must evaluate the facts and provide solutions that will help society and bring local authorities closer to the residents,” an announcement said.

The final date of payment is the end of November this year.

The municipality said by doing so it was fulfilling an election pledge.

If the scheme is successful, the authority said it would also look into other similar measures concerning the payment of municipal bills.

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Property sector in the north ‘rotten to the core’

A TURKISH Cypriot contractor has filed a lawsuit against Turkey at Larnaca District Court for selling him stolen land in the north, it was reported yesterday.  

According to Turkish Cypriot daily Yeni Duzen, Cafer Gurcafer, businessman and chairman of the Turkish Cypriot building contractors association filed the lawsuit against Turkey to shake up the “rotten” property regime in the occupied areas.

Gurcafer told the paper that his aim is the collapse of the established regime in the north. 

“I believe that by filing a lawsuit I will shake the foundation of the property regime in north Cyprus which is rotten to the core,” he was quoted.

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HSBC linked to north property deals

COURT papers filed by a group of UK investors allege that HSBC bank took part in a “fraudulent property scheme of biblical proportions” in the north of Cyprus, according to the Telegraph.

The documents claim the bank supported an “illegal commercial enterprise” in the occupied areas.

“The Plaintiffs invested life savings into what they believed were vacation or retirement dwellings with valid legal title issued by the TRNC,” papers seen by the Telegraph claim.

“HSBC is involved in illegally transferring monies for the sale of these properties knowing that title to the underlying properties are illegal and/or defective because the “TRNC” lacks the sovereign power to issue or obtain title.”

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Ideal escape from the heat of summer

An ideal escape from the sweltering heat of the summer is visit to the mountainous village of Platres in Troodos.

On the southern slopes of the Troodos mountains and 1,200 metres above sea level, Platres offers a cooler climate during the blistering summer months. During the summer, the temperature averages at about 28 degrees with little or no humidity and a cooling breeze. The temperature drops during the evening so you might even need a warm piece of clothing.

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US official focuses on shared benefits of hydrocarbons

SOLVING the Cyprus problem will enable “all parties involved” to enjoy the benefits of hydrocarbon reserves in the Middle East, US assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs Philip Gordon, said yesterday.

Both Cyprus and Israel have natural gas reserves in their exclusive economic zones (EEZ) in the Mediterranean sea.

Turkey does not recognise any Cyprus-Israel agreements delineating their EEZs and has said it will be doing its own offshore hydrocarbon exploration in the eastern Mediterranean, which overlaps Cyprus’ EEZ.

Cyprus has said it will share hydrocarbons’ revenue with Turkish Cypriots but failing a solution to the Cyprus problem, it is unlikely that most Turkish Cypriots will benefit.

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Police pledge to get tough on gambling

POLICE YESTERDAY warned betting companies and gamblers that the new gambling bill recently passed by parliament is now in effect and will be implemented without delay. 

In a released statement, police highlighted that many provisions in the new legislation provide for penalties of up to five years in jail and/or a €300,000 fine. 

The new law makes possession and/or operation of devices for the purposes of running an online casino illegal, while also prohibiting the advertising of illegal gambling. 

Criminal responsibility now lies not only with those owning or running gambling joints but also the gamblers, said the police. 

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Thalassaemia drugs in short supply

THALASSAEMIA patients are forced to pick up drugs for their treatment on a daily basis because the state pharmacies are in short supply, said the Pancyprian Thalassaemia Association (PTA) yesterday. 

The association called on the state to take immediate steps to ensure thalassaemia patients receive the necessary treatment, noting that the current situation was causing “unprecedented disruption” to their lives while putting their health at risk.  

According to the association, the state has been unable to meet patients’ needs due to depleted stocks of Exjade (deferasirox), a once-daily treatment for chronic iron overload due to blood transfusions. 

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Our view: Troika's arrival could mean jig is up for CoLA


ONE OF the big union federations SEK yesterday issued a statement, declaring its opposition to “tough austerity” and that the workers “could not again provide the easy solution”. It concluded that “the competitiveness of the economy will not be strengthened only by lowering of the wages and benefits of the working class,” but failed to mention other ways of improving competitiveness.

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It’s time for the annual solar car challenge


THE 2012 Solar Car Challenge organised by the Cyprus Institute will be held on Sunday in Paphos. 

The event which is co-organised by Neapolis University and the municipalities of Paphos and Yeroskipou will feature custom-built and designed solar-powered cars which will race along the scenic road of Posidonos Avenue, next to the Paphos tourist area.

The aim of the event is to promote environmentally friendly renewable energy, and to encourage students to pursue studies in the fields of science, technology and engineering. The event has also been planned to coincide with Cyprus’ takeover of the EU presidency.

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No sprouts there: EU Council canteen goes Cypriot

HUNGARIAN-BORN British satirist George Mikes (1912-1987) captured the mood of many foreign diplomats on the small yet ever so noisy island when he said: “Realising they will never be a world power, the Cypriots have decided to settle for being a world nuisance.” 

Four days ago, Cyprus took a first step towards the unthinkable, the forbidden dream of world domination, experienced through the assumption of the EU presidency. 

In six months time, we will know whether our world power ambitions will have acted as a counterweight to the moniker of world nuisance or help fuel the groundless accusation. 

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