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Mass wedding

AROUND 100 Israeli and Russian couples are arriving on Monday at 3pm to tie the knot in a mass civil ceremony at Larnaca Medieval Castle.

Along with the happy couples arriving by boat from Haifa, around 400 people including relatives and friends will also attend.

The ceremony is being organised by Larnaca Municipality and Natan Uretsky travel agents in Israel. The island is a popular spot for Israelis to wed in civil ceremonies which are not permitted in Israel.

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Marcoullis meets Slovakian counterpart

SLOVAKIA AND Cyprus see “eye to eye” on all international issues, said Foreign Minister Erato Kozakou Marcoullis yesterday after meeting her Slovakian counterpart Miroslav Lajcak. 

On a two-day official visit to Nicosia, Lajcak, who is also the Deputy Prime Minister, said the two countries, which joined the EU at the same time, had “excellent” and “close” relations. 

The two ministers discussed the priorities of Cyprus’ upcoming EU Presidency, Turkish threats against Cyprus, the Cyprus problem, the situation in the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean, the Western Balkans and bilateral relations.

Lajcak said Slovakia supports Cyprus’ right to explore and exploit the natural resources within its exclusive economic zone. 

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More tourists

MORE tourists arrived this May compared to the same month last year, marking a 3.5 percentage point increase the state’s statistical services said.

A total of 276,781 people arrived in May – including 53,671 Russians and 16,856 Swedes – an increase of over 9,000 from May last year when 267,487 people visited.

Compared to May last year, 31.6 per cent more Russians arrived on the island and 13.8 per cent more Swedes did. Last May, 40,772 Russians visited as did 14,813 Swedes. 

More Germans also arrived marking a 3.7 per cent increase May to May from 14,445 to 14,985. 

Fewer Brits visited, with a total 113,289 Brits visiting this May, a 5.4 per cent decrease from the 119,752 who visited last May.

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Municipalities ‘on the brink of ruin’


BECAUSE their budget was lowered this year and their finances are in bad shape, the municipalities of greater Nicosia are asking the state to help out with street lights, simplify and hand over responsibilities to them, and revalue taxing policy.

“Municipalities are in the brink of financial ruin,” Strovolos Mayor Lazaros Savvides said. 

He was talking on behalf of ten municipalities: Strovolos; Nicosia, Lakatamia, Aglandjia, Engomi, Ayios Dhometios, Latsia, Dhali, Geri and Tseri.

Savvides said they ended up with a smaller budget “at a time when the municipalities anticipated a rise of state funding as part of the government’s commitment”.

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Cyclist arrested for drink-driving

POLICE arrested a cyclist last Sunday shortly after midnight for drink-driving in Limassol.

The breathalyser showed that the 45-year-old had 97 microgrammes of alcohol instead of the limit of 22, when the police conducted the test on Zinas Kanther Street.

He was arrested and detained by Limassol authorities. 

Road checks were carried out as a part of Limassol Road Traffic Campaign in Enaerios and the seaside area of Limassol between 4pm and 10pm.

During the checks, 24 drivers were reported for violating the law for number plates and vehicle modifications.

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Cyprus condemns Greek far-right party member’s assaults on TV


THE SPOKESMAN of Greece’s far-right Golden Dawn party slapped one female leftist politician in the face and threw a glass of water at another during a live TV debate yesterday morning, causing a political uproar and an order for his arrest.

Other political parties condemned Ilias Kasidiaris for the assault on the two women during a morning talk show on private television station Antenna ahead of the June 17 parliamentary election.

Cyprus also condemned the attack.  In a written statement, the government here said:  “this kind of fascist behaviour is a blight on political culture and a real danger for democracy.”

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Curium closing

THE archaeological site at Curium will remain closed to the public from June 25 until July 5 due to the ceremony for the start of the EU presidency on July 1, the Antiquities Department announced yesterday.

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Wanted: volunteers to clean up the island in one day


CYPRUS’ first islandwide clean up will take place on September 29 with a monumental effort to make the island rubbish-free in only one day.

“This is the first and probably only campaign regarding the environment which is taking place on such as large scale in Cyprus,” said Natasa Ioannou, communications head for the campaign, who was speaking at a news conference yesterday to announce the project: ‘Let’s do it Cyprus.’ 

“The important thing for us is to locate the areas which need to be cleaned up,” said Environment Commissioner Charalambos Theopemptou.

He said they wanted everyone involved including politicians and local authorities.

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Cancer relatives claim vested interests at work

INTEREST groups with direct access to government are behind an apparent decision to freeze the construction of a much-needed radiotherapy unit at Nicosia general hospital, cancer patient activists have alleged.

In a statement yesterday, the Cancer Patients and Relatives Association (ELAZO) said plans for a radiotherapy unit at the capital’s state hospital were put on hold following the appointment of Vassos Shiarly as Finance Minister.

“The Ministry of Health had said that tenders for the radiotherapy building in Nicosia would be announced on April 27 2012. Suddenly, upon the appointment to the Finance Ministry of Mr. Shiarly, who was a senior executive at the Bank of Cyprus, the tenders have been suspended indefinitely or cancelled,” ELAZO said.

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Jewellery theft

Jewellery and other valuables worth €58,400 were stolen from a 43-year-old woman’s home in Limassol on Thursday night.

The owner had only been away from home from 10pm until 10.50pm when the break-in took place. Among the loot was a €600 laptop. Limassol CID is investigating the case.

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