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Urgent appeal to help Paphos needy

AN urgent appeal for donations to help needy families living in Paphos villages has been made by a group of volunteers.
More than 250 families living outside the boundaries of Paphos municipality are in desperate need of help, as without it they will go hungry. Paphos has been hardest hit by the wave of unemployment.
The municipality,  in conjunction with a social welfare committee programme, are doing all they can to help those in need, but they are unable to help those living in the outlaying villages, as they are outside municipal boundaries. Instead, they are passing on details of those who need assistance to a group of volunteers who are doing their best to provide desperate families with food and clothing.

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Unifying football on the island

THE CYPRUS Football Association (KOP) and the Turkish Cypriot football association met yesterday as part of their efforts to unify football on the island. 

KOP chairman Costakis Koutsokoumnis met with his Turkish-Cypriot counterpart Hasan Sertoglou who was also hosting the meeting in the northern part of Nicosia.

Also present were representatives from Europe’s football administrative body UEFA and FIFA, the world’s governing football body.

“Whatever agreement we come up with will be based on FIFA and UEFA regulations and of course, an agreement will need to be approved during KOP’s general meeting as well as from the Turkish Cypriot side,” Koutsokoumnis said. 

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Semi-government bodies under pressure to aid broke state

UNIONS OF the Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (CyTA) yesterday agreed to call off an indefinite strike until parliament had a chance to examine the government’s request for a €100m loan from the pension fund of the semi-government organisation (SGO). 

Three of the five unions representing around 50 per cent of CyTA workers announced on Wednesday they would go on an indefinite strike after the authority’s board decided to lend the state €100m from the workers’ pension fund. 

The unions argued the decision was “illegal and irregular”, warning they would continue to strike until the board revokes its decision and its members resign. 

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Army needs to upgrade munitions storage methods

THE HOUSE defence committee yesterday said it was worried that munitions were being stored in containers at three separate sites in Larnaca, and called the national guard and defence ministry to use better storage methods.
“We don’t want to make people panic because panicking is not constructive but we call on the defence ministry and national guard to expedite procedures [to construct better storage facilities],” DISY deputy Andreas Michaelides said.
The containers which exploded in Mari last summer contained munitions improperly stored for over two years.

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Shed for deadly munitions was never built

A PROSECUTION witness against whom charges were dropped in connection with last summer’s naval base blast, which killed 13, yesterday related details of high-level meetings concerning the munitions Cyprus confiscated in 2009.

Colonel Georgios Georgiades was among eight people, indicted in relation to deaths at Evangelos Florakis naval base in Mari in July 11 last year. The deaths were the result of an explosion caused by munitions stored in 98 containers on site for over two years.

The prosecution dropped charges against Georgiades in June because he did not “strictly speaking” have the responsibility to issue instructions to those on the base to move away from the site on the day of the blast.

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Community service for teen fan

FAMAGUSTA district court yesterday sentenced a 17-year-old to community service for violent behaviour during a football game, which took place on Monday, between APOEL FC and Enosis Neon Paralimni. 

The 17-year-old from Paralimni was arrested on Monday after he insulted police officers, “used indecent gestures and threw various items towards the officers,” a police announcement said.

The court banned the teen from sports events for three months and sentenced him to 125 hours of community service over two years.

The police have a standing order to process promptly any cases involving sports’ violence, Famagusta police spokesman George Economou said.

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Cyprus and Israel move closer to gas deal

ISRAEL is willing to co-operate with Cyprus to bring natural gas to the island for electricity supply before 2015, the head of the commerce ministry’s energy service said yesterday.

Speaking yesterday morning after arriving from an official visit to Tel Aviv, Solon Kassinis said all the necessary data on how the natural gas could be brought would be sent in writing to Israel within the next 10 days.

“Indeed Israel is willing to co-operate very harmoniously for the common good of the two countries and they are definitely willing to give us natural gas,” said Kassinis. 

He said there were two possible solutions: either to bring compressed natural gas (CMP) or the liquefied form (LNG).

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Fires in Limassol and Larnaca

A SMALL blaze broke out at 1.30pm yesterday near Governor’s beach (Kalymnos) camping site, wedged between the Larnaca and Limassol districts.

A fire truck belonging to the camping site contained the blaze before three fire trucks arrived to help. Some 30,000 square metres of wild shrubs were burned but the fire did not get close to the camping site.

The police think the fire was caused when two cables belonging to the Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC) fell to the ground. An EAC crew went on the scene to restore damage.  

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Bank of Cyprus chairman resigns 'for health reasons'

BANK of Cyprus (BoC) chairman Theodoros Aristodemou has resigned for health reasons, it was announced yesterday.

Aristodemou, a property developer, said in a letter to the board that “serious health issues” had forced a two-month absence abroad, and it was unclear when he could fully resume his duties.

“I judge that continuing to hold the position of president does not facilitate the smooth and unhindered operation of the group at an especially difficult time,” Aristodemou said.

Aristodemou, the lender’s biggest Cypriot shareholder, assumed the chairmanship in May 2008. He had been a member of the board since 1991.

In his letter, Aristodemou refrained from entering the ongoing banking fray, saying it would not contribute positively.

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Revenue from tourism up in June

REVENUE from tourism increased by 15.7 per cent in June this year compared to the corresponding month of 2011, on the basis of the results of the passenger survey, published yesterday by the Statistical Service.

According to the figures revenue from tourism reached €254.5m in June compared with €220m in the same month last year, a 15.7 per cent increase.

In June this year, tourist arrivals reached 329,977 an increase of  9.7 per cent, compared to the 300,817 arrivals in June 2011.

Some 127,747 tourists arrived from the UK, 80,145 from Russia, 19,404 from Sweden, 13,530 from Greece, 11,050 from Norway and 10,693 from Germany.

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