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Lillikas resurrects anti-bailout platform

SEEKING TO gather all the angry people who want Cyprus to reject the bailout failed presidential candidate, Giorgos Lillikas, is starting a new movement. 

“Only an alliance of citizens can overthrow the troika’s designs and those of its local representatives,”  Lillikas told supporters in Limassol.

Lillikas’ anti-bailout mandate – that went through a number of guises during his election campaign – failed to win him the elections however where President Nicos Anastasiades’  mandate focused on the need to sign a bailout agreement as soon as possible.

Since then however, the bailout deal as all but destroyed the economy, and Lillikas is taking advantage and resuming his anti-troika stance. 

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Students should ‘fight to reunite Cyprus’

MINISTER of Education, Kyriacos Kenevezos wants students at school now to learn from the hero-students of the EOKA struggle – 1955-1959 – that love for one’s nation should know no limits. 

He yesterday called on them to fight together with the rest of Cypriot-Hellenism to free the country from the occupation and to reunite the much-maligned island.

“That would be the greatest memorial for our heroes,” Kenevezos said ahead of Hero-student Memorial Day today. “Through our nation’s countless struggles, our schooled youth has contributed significantly, a contribution taken from the soul of Cyprus’ youth,” he added.

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Call to give seized counterfeit goods to those in need

A CONSUMER group is urging the commerce ministry not to dump thousands of counterfeit goods it has seized in recent years but to give them to the needy instead.

“With more and more people needing charitable help to get by, it may be time to change the system so that instead of disposing of items confiscated as part of consumer protection laws they can be given to people in need,” Loucas Aristodemou, the head of the consumers’ and quality of life union said yesterday. 

Possibly thousands of items are in storage at the commerce ministry – confiscated because they violated consumer protection laws by being counterfeits.

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Critical condition

A 65-YEAR-OLD man is in intensive care after being struck by a car on Monday at around 6.30pm in the Larnaca district, police said. 

According to police, a 30-year-old was driving his car on the road between the villages of Klavdia and Alethriko when he ran down the 65-year-old who was attempting to cross the road. 

The injured pedestrian was taken to Larnaca General Hospital where doctors operated on him after establishing he had suffered severe bruising and internal bleeding. He was then held in the intensive care unit of the hospital for observation. He is in a critical condition.

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Unifying football on the island

THE CYPRUS Football Association (KOP) and the Turkish Cypriot football association met yesterday as part of their efforts to unify football on the island. 

KOP chairman Costakis Koutsokoumnis met with his Turkish-Cypriot counterpart Hasan Sertoglou who was also hosting the meeting in the northern part of Nicosia.

Also present were representatives from Europe’s football administrative body UEFA and FIFA, the world’s governing football body.

“Whatever agreement we come up with will be based on FIFA and UEFA regulations and of course, an agreement will need to be approved during KOP’s general meeting as well as from the Turkish Cypriot side,” Koutsokoumnis said. 

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‘Flasher cop’ back at work

THE 30-YEAR-OLD policeman, who was suspended last month after being caught exposing himself while shopping at a kiosk, has returned to work, police have said. According to police spokesman Andreas Angelides, the 30-year-old was initially given the standard one-month suspension while investigations took place. On his return he was transferred to another department, awaiting a court hearing, and the decision of an internal review board.
“Even though we are still awaiting a court date for the criminal case against the man and internal investigations have not begun either, the decision to re-instate him falls at the feet of Police Chief Michalis Papageorgiou,” Angelides said.

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Drug busts in Larnaca and Limassol

POLICE in Larnaca arrested two men from Nicosia, aged 45 and 64, late on Thursday after 112 grammes of heroin were found in their possession. Larnaca District Court ordered their remand for seven days yesterday.

The court heard that the two men, who were arrested after a coordinated operation by members of the drug squad, were known to police from different run-ins in the past. The 64-year-old Turkish-Cypriot had been imprisoned for four years in a drug-related case while the 45-year-old Greek-Cypriot is a known user according to the police.

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Limassol public transport paralysed

LIMASSOL PUBLIC transport was paralysed yesterday, as the drivers of bus company EMEL began their indefinite strike over the company’s failure to pay their wages in full.

The protesters gathered yesterday morning at the transfer station at Limassol’s old hospital to express their frustration at what appears to be a recurring scenario. This is the fourth time this year that EMEL has been unable to pay the drivers’ wages. 

“All we’re asking is to get paid, and then we’ll go back to work. We’re not asking for anything more,” bus driver Andreas Georgiou told the Cyprus Mail. 

EMEL’s proposal to pay 50 per cent of salaries to people employed on a weekly basis, and 60 per cent to those employed on a monthly basis has been rejected by the unions. 

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On the lookout for dangerous toys on market

THE COMMERCE ministry’s consumer protection service is looking for 31 products that could be dangerous to children and may be available in the market, the department said in an announcement yesterday. 

At least four children’s products were found in Cyprus. Three different kinds of plastic dolls, all made in China, contain prohibited chemicals that should not be used in items that children can place in their mouths. Those go by the names of Baby Darling, Crawling Baby, and Moxie Girl. 

A tracksuit set for school children, by Energy brand made in Syria, poses a strangulation risk because of drawstrings in the hood and waist. 

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BA Larnaca to London for €208 return including taxes

BRITISH Airways is celebrating its 80 years in Cyprus with an offer for travellers to London Heathrow from Larnaca and vice versa. From November 1 until March 31, travellers from Cyprus will have the opportunity to travel from Larnaca Heathrow for only €208 return, including fuel surcharge and airport taxes. The service fee is not included.

This special offer is valid for bookings made between October 1 and 7, and can be used for travelling between November 1 and December 14, and between January 7 and March 31.

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