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Capital restrictions eased slightly

A FINANCE ministry decree, the third since controls were first introduced, yesterday raised the ceiling on transactions which do not require Central Bank approval to €25,000 from €5,000.
It also permits the use of cheques worth up to €9,000 per month.
Other restrictions introduced last week, including a €300 per day cash withdrawal limit and a €1,000 euro limit on the amount travellers can take overseas, remain in place.
Employer organisation OEV said the measure was in the right direction but was not enough for businesses to cover their obligations.
OEV urged the Central Bank to immediately review its decision and free the whole amount – 40 per cent – of uninsured deposits in the Bank of Cyprus.

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Family and friends kept me going, says Cypriot Everest champ

THE FIRST Cypriot to reach the summit of Mount Everest said his first thought on reaching the top was getting back safely for the birth of his child.

 “Once I set foot on the top the urge to get back safely was intense so I could be back for the birth of my son,” said Giorgos Andreou. 

Andreou was speaking at a news conference yesterday on the expedition, which also marked exactly one month since he reached the top on May 19.

The other thing that kept him going were letters written by people close to him, which he carried in his backpack. He said he enjoyed the trip despite obvious difficulties.

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If I had a hammer….I’d put it in my school bag?


A 15-YEAR-OLD student from Paralimni hit one of his peers with a hammer in the morning sending him to hospital during a fight on school grounds.

The male students, both aged 15, were arguing on school grounds at a local high school in the Paralimni district of Famagusta during a break.

The argument escalated to a fist fight and one of them took a hammer out of his school bag, hitting the other boy on the head.

The attacked student went to Paralimni General Hospital with a head injury but was not seriously hurt. He will be kept in hospital for a few days for observation.

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